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How to Use this App

About this App (iOS)

About eBookRenta

Read manga from Renta! more conveniently with this app, designed for use with iPhone/iPad/iPod touches.
Now, you can download your manga rentals on to this app, so even if you don't have a signal, you can enjoy your favorite manga.
We have no limit for the number of manga you can store in the app, and you can create up to 50 Bookshelves so you can organize your manga the way you want.

Compatible Devices

Compatible with iOS 8.4 devices and above:iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches.


Please download eBookRenta from the App Store.

*You must install our newest app (ebook_Renta!) to download novels. Novels cannnot be downloaded to the old version of our app.

App store logo

Storing Content

You can store content via the "My Books" page on the website.

*You cannot download anything onto the app via a PC. Please use your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
*Please sign in and open your list of rentals via Safari. If you use a different browser, you may be unable to download content.

1. Open your list of rentals via Safari. (To do this, sign in to the Renta! website and then go to your "My Books" page.)
2. Click the "Download" button near to the cover of the content you wish to store. view rentals view rentals
3. You will be asked to confirm your selection. Click "OK" to do so.

Using Bookshelves

The app can store up to 50 Bookshelves.
Whenever you download content, it will automatically be placed in the "Default" Bookshelf.


This is your app's homepage (Bookshelf). Select a manga to read by pressing its cover.
When you've finished reading tap the screen to bring up the reader menu, and then select "Close" to return to the Bookshelf.

Adding Bookshelves

1. Select "Bshelf" from the top-right of the screen.
shelf button

2. The "Bookshelf Settings" page will be displayed. Select the "+" button in the top-left.

Adding Bookshelves

3. Enter the name of the Bookshelf you wish to add.

4. The Bookshelf will be added once you confirm its name.

Edit Bookshelf

1. Select "Bshelf" from the top-right of the screen.
Edit Bookshelf
2. A list of Bookshelves will appear. Select "Edit" from the bottom-right of the screen.
bookshelf setting
3. You can change the name of, move or delete Bookshelves.
bookshelf setting2

1. Changing a Bookshelf's Name.

You can change the name by touching it.

2. Move

Select and hold the button on the right side of the screen, then move the item either up or down to change the order.

3. Delete

If you select the red button on the left side of the screen, a "Delete" button will appear to the right. By selecting "Delete" the Bookshelf will be erased and all content inside will be moved to the "Default Bookshelf".

Move / Delete Content

Changing the Content Order in the Bookshelf

Press and then drag a cover to change its order in the Bookshelf.

Move / Delete Content

Moving Content to a Different Bookshelf

1. Select "Edit" from the top-left of the screen in the Bookshelf.
Edit bookshelf
2. Select the content you wish to move and then select "Move".
Edit bookshelf 2
3. A list of Bookshelves will appear. Select a Bookshelf to move the content there.

Deleting Content

1. Select "Edit" from the top-left of the screen in the Bookshelf.
Deleting Content
2. Select the content you wish to delete and then select "Del".
Deleting Content 2
3. A confirmation box will appear. Select "Delete" to carry out the action.
NOTE:Any manga deleted from your app can be redownloaded via your "My Books" page on the website.

Other Features

1. View Content Information

You can view information on any content by double-tapping its cover.

2. Previews

Go here to download and read a free sample of certain content.

1). If you would like to read a sample of certain content, go to the "Previews" page and press the "Preview" button below the cover art. You will then be asked to confirm your download. Select "OK" to do so.
2). Once downloaded, the content will automatically be saved to the default bookshelf.
3). After 48 hours, you will not be able to read the sample any more. You can download it again from the "Previews" page, if it is still available.


Using the Manga Viewer

using viewer

1. Move

Move the slider to flip through the pages.

2. Help

Select this to bring up a guide on how to read manga.

3. Close

Select this to return to the Bookshelf.

Using the Novel Viewer

You can open or close the menu by tapping on the center of the screen.If you tap the Menu icon in the top right corner, you can bring up the Settings display.
You can also use the following features by tapping on the corresponding icon, as shown below.



Text Search

Lock Rotation

Invert Colors



About This Book


Menu: You can change various settings for the viewer here.

-Text search: Enter in words and search for them within the book.

-Invert colors: Invert the color of the text and screen.

-Settings: You can change the font, letter size, and background color here.

-Help: Display the Operation instructions for commands such as flipping pages and pinching.

-About this book: Display information about the title you are reading.

Navigation: You can jump to pages that you have marked with this menu.

-Table of Contents: Check where you are in the book or jump to any chapter you'd like.

-Bookmarks: Jump to pages that you have set as bookmarks.

-Highlights: View a list of text that you have highlighted and jump to them from here.

-Memos: Display the Memo list and jump to pages containing your memos.

-Prevent Automatic Hide: Disable the Automatic Hide function temporarily.

You can select text with a long press and then perform various functions with the tools that appear. You can also drag and move the toolbox.

-Bookmark: Add the highlighted text to your bookmarks.

-Highlights: Highlight the selected text. You can also choose from six different colors for the highlight by long-pressing the icon.

-Memo: Add the selected text to your memos.

-Text: Copy the selected text and search the book for the same text.

-Web: Copy the selected text and search for it on the Internet.

-Define: Search the definition of the word in a dictionary.