The Lonely Ginger's Favorite

author :

Nanako Haida


When high-schooler Tsubasa is saved from some bullies by the totally dashing Yu, it's love at first sight. Tsubasa ends up following Yu around like a dog, and even becomes a regular at the club Yu DJs at. But one day, as he's waiting obediently for his master to come back, Tsubasa accidentally drinks some alcohol. Yu somehow manages to take home his tipsy, jovial, and clingy admirer, but then Tsubasa disappears from Yu's life altogether...... This is the debut work of acclaimed new manga artist Nanako Haida, and this compilation contains three other short stories about awkwardly entertaining love!


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author :

Nanako Haida

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Japanese :

Lonely Ginger no Okiniiri

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The Lonely Ginger's Favorite

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Pages: 166

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May 18, 2017 (JST)
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