Breast Cleaning -Window Cleaning Climax 69 Meters Up!-

On a cleaning scaffold way up above the ground, she has to clean the windows with her breasts! She's about to be trapped in a totally perverted job!! Despite a fear of heights, a beautiful young girl is assigned to wash windows on a skyscraper. Her old-hand partner offers advice about overcoming fear with shame, which leads to her cleaning the windows with her breasts! He watches as her nipples grow hard, and then with no regard to the people working inside, the old man starts using the heroine's body for "sexual window cleaning"...

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Breast Cleaning -Window Cleaning Climax 69 Meters Up!-

Pages: 19

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author : MAKIRin publisher : SCREAMO Oppai Seisou Chijou 69 Meters Zecchou Madofuki

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