A Feast for an Incubus

author :

Reno Asakura


After saving a self-proclaimed incubus named Aim from starving, Nao unwittingly becomes his partner. Confronted with a hungry demon who keeps pressuring him for intimacy, Nao stubbornly refuses because he wants his first time to be special. Attacking with pheromones doesn't work. Acting innocent doesn't work. Faced with imminent starvation, Aim finally invades Nao's school and kisses him in front of the entire class. "Hurry up and let me devour that delicious feast!" This love story is a test of wills!


Yaoi_MangaIncubus/SuccubusMythical_BeingsFantasyLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts Completed

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author :

Reno Asakura

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Japanese :

Inma-Kun no Gochisou

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A Feast for an Incubus -Part 1-

Pages: 42

A Feast for an Incubus -Part 2-

Pages: 36

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