The Essence of Love

author :

Jou Usaki


Kira Kira has been made fun of all his life due to his name which loosely translates as sparkly sparkles. On top of that, his rich parents have been giving him money indiscriminately, and most of his "friends" only hang out with him for financial reasons. Then, one day, his friend gets crushed by a pillar, and a mysterious winged creature chases him down! The angel-like guy introduces himself as a celestial guide and he begs Kira to teach him how to be scum like him! And that's just the beginning of their unlikely romance!


Yaoi_MangaFantasyLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts Completed

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author :

Jou Usaki

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Kirakira Drop Life

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The Essence of Love (1)

Pages: 36

The Essence of Love (2)

Pages: 37

The Essence of Love (3)

Pages: 38

The Essence of Love (4)

Pages: 36

The Essence of Love (5)

Pages: 36

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