Be My Baby

Asahi Kushima is a college student with a social life, and Kota Yamada is a studious high school student. They're different types of people, but are in a committed relationship. Even if his friend says Kota's plain, Asahi thinks Kota ? who follows him with all his might ? is the cutest guy in the world. He wants to act cool in front of Kota, no matter what. However, with Asahi taking the lead, their physical relationship steps up bit by bit. And finally, Kota uses his mouth...! Asahi moans like a girl and finishes quickly after getting more pleasure than he expected. He also thinks Kota's manly face seems different than usual... Then, Kota blurts out that Asahi's reaction was "cute"...! Huh? With the way things are going... Is Asahi going to be the bottom!?

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Be My Baby (1)

Asahi Kushima dotes on his younger boyfriend, Kota. But it seems like there's been something on Kota's mind... This is a romance that reverses the gap between height and age![33pages]
Pages: 33
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Be My Baby (2)

Kota's been acting funny lately, offering to walk Asahi home from class, and acting jumpy around everyone. On their way home, they bump into Niijima, who reveals why Kota's been overly protective.[34pages]
Pages: 34
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Moto Haruyama publisher : JULIAN PUBLISHING Series : Be My Baby- 1 - Be My Baby

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