Forbidden After-School Lovin'

After having her heart broken, out of spite, Akiko has a one-night stand with Satoru, but she didn't know he was a student at the school she teaches at. Is she failing at both love and her job!? As Akiko is writhing in hopelessness, Satoru blackmails her into continuing to sleep with him in exchange for his silence. Since Satoru is a handsome guy with a sexy voice, Akiko can't understand why he wants to keep seeing her. Over time, she's torn between feelings of immorality and the pleasure they enjoy. Even though they're sleeping together in secret, when she sees how popular Satoru is with the girls in his class, she's overcome with sadness. They share a platonic relationship in the classroom, but after school, their nights continue to get rougher and more passionate. When Akiko realizes that she's falling for Satoru, she...


Forbidden After-School Lovin'

She slept with one of the students who goes to the school she teaches at! What will Akiko do when she's forced into continuing the relationship with him in exchange for his silence? This is a taboo and forbidden love relationship![148pages]
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author : Minori Tanaka publisher : KASAKURA PUBLISHING co.,ltd. Kindan Houkago Aibu

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