Be My Darling

author :

Moto Haruyama


Niijima believes that physical and emotional connections are nothing but ways to kill time. One day, as he's about to do it with some random guy on the college campus, he's found by the teacher whose lecture Niijima tends to skip. Niijima, who's confident in himself, makes use of that fact to get close to the man in order to get course credits, but... the man pays no attention to Niijima's seduction! With his pride broken, Niijima attempts to win over the man by getting him drunk... This is an accidental love between a straight-laced associate professor and a flirty bisexual guy who hasn't experienced his first love.


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author :

Moto Haruyama

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Series :

Be My Baby- 2 -

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Be My Darling

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Be My Darling

Pages: 28

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