Steamy Love -My First Crush Is Now My Boss!-

Aoko has finally returned to the place that's home to one of her most precious memories from childhood... From today, she'll be staying here... with a special someone... Aoko has held a flame for Soji since she first met him in elementary school. Now as an adult, she begins a job at the same hot springs resort where he still works. However... her long awaited reunion takes place when she's completely in the buff! What's more, Soji seems different than she remembers. He's actually a little scary... Being apart for so many years, it's not unusual, but it's almost like there's an additional reason he's closed his heart to her... When she happily finds herself alone with him a couple days later, there's a complete 180 to his behavior! What did he mean by "Sorry to disappoint you, but the real reason you wanted to work here is gone"!? Still in a state of confusion, he forcefully kisses her and asks... "Do you wanna play with me for a bit?"

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Steamy Love -My First Crush Is Now My Boss!- (1)

Aoko has worked hard to get a job at a hot spring resort where she once stayed. She can't wait to see Soji, a worker she met there as a child. Will their reunion be just as she pictured or will she be in over her head?[28pages]
Pages: 28
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Steamy Love -My First Crush Is Now My Boss!- (2)

Although very confused by how Soji is treating her, Aoko is trying her best to be a star employee at the resort. However, she may be in big trouble when she has a run in with a dirty-minded customer...[41pages]
Pages: 41
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Steamy Love -My First Crush Is Now My Boss!- (3)

Things seem to be going well for Aoko. However, she's distraught when she loses her precious bookmark. In her panic, she ends up trapped in the secret space Soji showed her years ago. How is she going to get out of this mess?[45pages]
Pages: 45
Rent (48hrs) : $2.00


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author : Haiji Sanada publisher : OrangeVoxPOP Yukemuri Koi Gokoro Hatsukoi no Kare wa Gouin na Shihainin-sama

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October 10, 2019 (JST)
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