Cosplay Club!! Cute and Racy!?

The handsome Yu just started high school and right away, Saeko, a hot and seductive older student, falls in love with him at first sight. She invites him to join the military uniform club that she's the club president for. Yu is reluctant despite the club being full of beautiful young girls who like military uniforms. Saeko falls deeper in love with Yu and comes up with an extreme strategy to persuade him! With Saeko's heavy kisses and caresses using her tongue... Yu can't hold back anymore and breaks the deadlock with some intense moments of passion. The other members, Chihiro and Kozue, peek inside to see how it things are going and also can't contain their thirst. The club advisor then adds to the mix... It's a story about the naughty club activities of some super seductive and cute girls!


Cosplay Club!! Cute and Racy!?

The handsome Yu gets invited to join the military uniform club. Despite his misgivings, the club president has her own tactics to make him join, stay and also give her some sweet loving on top of that![26pages]
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author : Mameshiba publisher : Love Sweets Moero Cosplay Doukoukai

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