The Princess's Secret Scandal

Princess Sydney of the Kingdom of Naessa is only royalty by name. Even though she was raised in a life of privilege, she has been scorned for being an illegitimate child, and lived her life not knowing her true family. One day, Reginald, the prince of the great kingdom of Silvershire, approaches her with great interest, and she ends up letting him make her his. However, when the prince learns of her pregnancy, he abandons her. Then a tall handsome man appears to her. "You must be Princess Sydney of the Silvershire royal family," he says... The prince was terrible to her. What will this man do?

(c)NATSU MOMOSE/Harlequin Enterprises II B.V./S.a.r.l.


The Princess's Secret Scandal Capturing the Crown II

What is this handsome man going to make me do?[145pages]
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artist : Natsu Momose original novel : Karen Whiddon Publisher : Harlequin series : Capturing the Crown- 2 -

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