Anti-Romcom Popcorn

Shoma Ikehata is a guy in his 20s who, quite frankly, still looks like a little boy. In fact, he looks so young that Yohei Kawadono falls head over heels for him because of how he looks. Shoma's creeped out at first, but Yohei opens him up by watching the kinds of B-movies most people don't like with him. One day, Yohei saves Shoma from a drunk guy at a late show, and as a reward, he asks Shoma for some extra loving...!!

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Anti-Romcom Popcorn (6)

Yohei freezes as he stares disbelievingly at Shoma, letting the unexpected words sink in. Unable to bear the silence, Shoma opens his mouth again to retract his offer, but Yohei stops him...[31pages]
Pages: 31
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Anti-Romcom Popcorn (5)

Ever since that day of their summer trip, Yohei has been avoiding Shoma, but pretending everything is normal around everybody else. Shoma isn't happy with this, but at least he and Poisonball have plans to meet up...[43pages]
Pages: 43
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Anti-Romcom Popcorn (4)

Shoma, Yohei, and the rest of the film club are at the beach for a five-day summer trip to binge-watch movies. When they get to the place, they realize how ancient it is, and apparently, there are rumors that it's haunted...![56pages]
Pages: 56
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Anti-Romcom Popcorn (3)

Shoma's excited because he's going to his first meet-up ever, hosted by Poisonboss, an influencer he religiously follows on social media. Yohei, of course, turns into the green-eyed monster, and...[44pages]
Pages: 44
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Anti-Romcom Popcorn (2)

Shoma and Yohei go to a video rental store to look for the DVD Shoma's been wanting to watch. Yohei thinks up a devious plan to make Shoma grant him one wish... will he win, and what will it be?[42pages]
Pages: 42
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Anti-Romcom Popcorn (1)

Despite Shoma's little-boy looks, Yohei starts doing some pretty grown-up things to him... who knew being licked on his thigh would get him hard?[42pages]
Pages: 42
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author : Ayu Ikemori publisher : JULIAN PUBLISHING Anti Love Com XXX Popcorn

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January 17, 2020 (JST)
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