The Student Council President Wants to be a Manservant

"If anyone were to see me like this, they'd think I was a total perv."

The sound of the camera shutter echoes in the student council room. Blindfolded, hands and feet bound, chained to a desk... Aroused and panting sweetly, Student Council President Kanade Sanhoin's a narcissist who gets off hard on this kind of fantasy role play. He's into modeling for adult video covers, and today's no exception as he's drunk on his own attractiveness. Things get a little hairy, though, when his lost, adult-photo-filled smart phone is picked up and returned by an aggressive younger classmate!


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The Student Council President Wants to be a Manservant (1)

Student Council President Kanade has a thing for being submissive. His secret hobby is exposed, though, when a younger classmate finds his smart phone filled with raunchy photos he modeled for![32pages]
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The Student Council President Wants to be a Manservant (2)

Kanade's in a panic after Otowa sees some photos of him in compromising positions. Otowa's mistakenly under the impression that the groping on the train was a part of some role play! Check out volume 2 of this stimulating tale![30pages]
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author : Sabamiso publisher : JULIAN PUBLISHING Seitokaichou ha Geboku ni naritai

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