Bending the Spoon

author :

Aki Yukura


Tomoki Hoshiko is a troubled student who others steer clear of. Hidaka Asai, on the other hand, is the top student in the school, but his quiet bookishness hasn't made him any friends, either... After the two of them get teleported away from school by accident, Hidaka confesses that he has powers to Tomoki. Why did he tell him his secret? Maybe Hidaka is the only one who knows Tomoki's true nature... Check out this super power love story!


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author :

Aki Yukura

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Japanese :

Spoon ga Magattara

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Bending the Spoon (1)

Pages: 36

Bending the Spoon (2)

Pages: 37

Bending the Spoon (3)

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Bending the Spoon (4)

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Bending the Spoon (5)

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