Sharing Little Kitty Nekota

Satoshi is a famous novelist under pressure to release another big hit. He consults his friend about having trouble sleeping and is then introduced to a sleep companion, Yoh, who stays with him. Things get naughty fast when his male sleep companion forces himself onto him. Satoshi's editor, Tatsumi, recognizes Yoh and instantly becomes jealous as he secretly has a crush on Satoshi. Despite the age gap, Satoshi is now stuck in a love triangle.

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Sharing Little Kitty Nekota (1)

Satoshi agrees to have a male sleep companion to help his restlessness. But, what he doesn't expect is that his companion is gay, and the two find themselves at the mercy of pleasure.[42pages]
Pages: 42
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Sharing Little Kitty Nekota (2)

Tatsumi walks in on Yoh and Satoshi in the living room unexpectedly. Recognizing Yoh and remembering their first encounter, Tatsumi pleads that Yoh keeps his secret about being gay from Satoshi.[40pages]
Pages: 40
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Sharing Little Kitty Nekota (3)

Tatsumi gets an unexpected hard-on while standing too close to Satoshi in the elevator. Satoshi helps him to the bathroom to take care of it, but Tatsumi asks him to stay with him. After the awkward event, Tatsumi confesses his feelings.[36pages]
Pages: 36
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Sharing Little Kitty Nekota (4)

Satoshi is in the middle of a love triangle between Takumi and Yoh. When Satoshi expresses his lack of confidence in himself, the pair take matters into their own hands.[41pages]
Pages: 41
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Sharing Little Kitty Nekota (5)

Thanks to Yoh and Tatsumi's support, Satoshi finally finds a way to accept himself and not care what others think about him. It doesn't matter how old someone may be, true love is out there. All it takes is courage and confidence.[38pages]
Pages: 38
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author : Tomo Nakami publisher : JULIAN PUBLISHING Aisare Neko wo Hantoubun

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