Delicious Moments with You

Yukiteru Aoi is a college lecturer for the marine biology department. He loves the lunches at Akashi Kitchen, so he gets his lunch delivered from Kazuma Akashi who works there. For the past six months, they've been having special "lectures" on marine biology during Yukiteru's breaks. But, one day, Kazuma doesn't seem his normal self. As Yukiteru worries that Kazuma has gotten sick of him, one of his female students shows up in his lab and forces herself on him...!!

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[Total ch. 5](Current ch. 3)New Release: Apr 23, 2021 (JST)

Delicious Moments with You (1)

College lecturer Yukiteru loves the lunches at Akashi Kitchen. He's friendly with Kazuma who works there, too, but one day, Kazuma does something that will change their relationship forever...![36pages]
Pages: 36
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Delicious Moments with You (2)

Yukiteru barely gets a wink of sleep after everything that happened the day before, especially what Kazuma did to him... he wants to forget, but vivid flashbacks of the incident kept him up all night...[34pages]
Pages: 34
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Delicious Moments with You (3) NEW

Yukiteru is getting used to Kazuma's advances toward him, but now he's starting to realize that his own feelings for Kazuma are changing, too. Not knowing what to do, he tries to hide them, but ends up acting awkward instead...[36pages]
Pages: 36
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Wakonaruki publisher : JULIAN PUBLISHING Futarikkiri no Oishii Ojikan

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