The Wicked Prince and The Helpless Pup

Kohei Sakaki wants to have a girlfriend, but his childhood friend Hiroki Ohno, who's popular at school, always seems to get in the way. One day, Kohei is asked to housesit for the Ohnos and snoops around in Hiroki's room trying to find his weakness. He finds a suspicious-looking DVD with the title erased, plays it, and finds that it's images of men making love... He tries to blackmail Hiroki when he comes home, but things don't go as planned...

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[Total ch. 5](Current ch. 2)New Release: May 18, 2021 (JST)

The Wicked Prince and The Helpless Pup (1)

Kohei hates that his childhood friend Hiroki is always getting in the way of his love life. He decides to blackmail Hiroki, only to learn that he's the one being blackmailed! Whoever thought that he'd get into a mess like this - and with a guy!?[28pages]
Pages: 28
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The Wicked Prince and The Helpless Pup (2) NEW

As childhood friends, they thought they knew everything about each other. Now that they're in high school, Kohei can't figure out why Hiroki has to mess with him.. though he's finding that he doesn't hate it as much as he thought he would.[28pages]
Pages: 28
Rent (48hrs) : $1.00


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author : Mikoto Kurachi publisher : Intelfin Inc. Ijiwaru Ouji to Dame Wanko

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