Love Is Probably Around The Corner

31-year-old Akio Ito is totally worn out and has finally quit his job after devoting his twenties to the craft of creating manga comics. He's down and glum when he's reunited with Hiroto Kuma, nicknamed "Kuma", a friend from high school with whom he once enjoyed manga and subculture. A year his junior, Kuma, who is now a bestselling novelist and a single father of young twins, always told Akio that he loved his work.
This is a story of love and salvation involving an easy-going novelist with kids, a self-deprecating former manga artist, and a pair of twins who are full of vibrant energy.

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Love Is Probably Around The Corner (1)

Akio, a depressed and down on his luck former manga artist, happens to cross paths with a certain self-made novelist, and ends up spending an evening with him and his two young children.[56pages]
Pages: 56
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Love Is Probably Around The Corner (2)

His old friend Kuma's success is another blow to Aki's ego, but that's not the end of his bad luck. After two major life shake-ups in one day and with nowhere else to go, he moves in with Kuma and his little ones.[43pages]
Pages: 43
Rent (48hrs) : $

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Love Is Probably Around The Corner (3)

Kuma says he wants Aki to count on him more, but Aki can't stop feeling depressed. He can't help comparing himself, a manga artist with no assignments, to his friend Kuma, a bestselling author who lets him stay at his apartment.[47pages]
Pages: 47
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Love Is Probably Around The Corner (4)

Aki felt confused and uncomfortable when Kuma declared his love for him. Although he still thinks he should move out of his friend's apartment, he slowly begins to relax upon hearing Kuma's patient and loving words of encouragement.[42pages]
Pages: 42
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Love Is Probably Around The Corner (5)

Akio has started working as a manga artist's assistant, and he's remembering the joys of creating a work. But, while he's happy, Kuma appears to feel left behind, grumbling when Akio lavishes the artist he's assisting with praise.[28pages]
Pages: 28
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Love Is Probably Around The Corner (6)

Akio is in his element, working as an assistant to a manga artist. But, as happy as Kuma is that Akio's alive again, he's experiencing mixed feelings, and Akio's spur-of-the-moment offer to kiss him nudges the pent-up emotions inside.[29pages]
Pages: 29
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author : Ayu Ikemori publisher : JULIAN PUBLISHING Tabun Korekara Ai no Hibi

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