Comic [Bundle] Seiwa High School Bento Club! View_Series_
author: Umitamako
script adviser: Yuhmi Yamada
publisher: COMIC CYUTT
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Story : During lunch at school, Sayoko is always receiving odd stares from her peers as she gorges herself with pastries. She can't help it, she has a wormhole of a stomach! And it doesn't help that she skips meals at home. Even she sees her behavior as weird and dreams of having a real bento for lunch; mere leftovers from work are never enough.

But one day while stalking the kitchens of the neighboring culinary school, Sayoko's hunger overwhelms her and she passes out, awakening in the presence of the Bento Club boys, who offer her a taste of their bentos. If only Sayoko was a member of a club like this, she'd be able to eat her fill of delicious meals everyday. But she's a horrible cook, what skill could she possibly possess that would get her in? And how would the Bento Club fair with a monstrous appetite like hers?
This manga set contains chapters 1 to 5 of "Seiwa High School Bento Club!".
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[Bundle] Seiwa High School Bento Club!
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