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publisher: COMIC CYUTT
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Story : Welcome to Nyan Cafe, a host club where all the hosts are cats! Who would you like your host to be today? There's the big, fluffy Norwegian Forest Cat, Nor, who's handsome and suave but a bit of a show-off. Or maybe Curl the tsundere American Curl is more to your tastes? If not, then there's always Scotch, the Scottish Fold. His flirty and gentlemanly nature is sure to win you over - just watch out for his sadistic streak. Oh, and let's not forgot our newest member: Shiro, the mixed breed! He's the youngest and most adorable of the group.

Have you decided? Good! Have a seat and join in the fun! If you're lucky, something special might happen today!
This manga set contains chapters 1 to 5 of "Welcome To Nyan Cafe!".
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[Bundle] Welcome To Nyan Cafe!
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