Hot and Cold Seduction

author :

Noriko Mamiya


Standing before the straight-laced and serious Ryuunosuke Kunisada was a man with no common sense: Haruki Shiroe. By a strange turn of events, Haruki, who has been put in the care of Ryuunosuke, sets out to seduce his unwilling caretaker. "Do something dirty to me." Haruki's both turned off and turned on! The two butt heads in a compilation of 4 happy-ending love stories from Noriko Mamiya - her debut manga collection! This publication includes stories previously featured in aQtto! (Sep 2013), and BiBit! (Apr to Jun 2013), and BiBit! (Jun to Oct 2012).


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author :

Noriko Mamiya

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Japanese :

Yuuwaku Tsundere Shion

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Hot and Cold Seduction

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Pages: 189

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March 20, 2018 (JST)
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