I'll Get the Key to Your Heart!

author :

Emi Mitsuki


He's average looking, of average intelligence, and even has the unfortunately average name of Tarou Suzuki. Our extremely mediocre protagonist has never thought very highly of himself. Then one day, a handsome and very drunk man suddenly appears at his apartment! Looking at Tarou's face, he bursts into tears. "You look just like my ex-girlfriend!" he says as he tries to kiss Tarou! Upon starting his new job a couple of days later, who should appear but the same handsome man! Will meeting this man named Ryouta Shiga change Tarou's life?


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author :

Emi Mitsuki

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Japanese :

Hart no Kagi wo Te ni Irero

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I'll Get the Key to Your Heart!

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Pages: 189

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December 04, 2015 (JST)
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