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( Current vol 3 )
AuthorAnna Takamura
Review 5(1 Review)
"The guy I hate knows my most humiliating secret... And now my lower half is reacting to his tongue in my mouth...!" Leo is a popular but self-conscious guy on campus who's been hiding the fact that he can't "get it up" lately. Not even therapy (porn) seems to help. At a party one night, he's forced to kiss his popular and irritating neighbor Ryosuke in front of everyone. Ryosuke's unexpectedly skillful tongue takes the lead, moving deeply inside Leo's mouth... Then Leo's body begins to react. Leo thought he had erectile dysfunction, so how can he be getting turned on in a situation like this...!?



( Current vol 4 )
Review 5(2 Review)
"You're this turned on when I've hardly touched you yet? What a naughty boy..." Kaoru is a tough guy with a secret he can't reveal to anyone: after getting chased down by the police... he likes to jack off!! But how could he possibly tell anyone about a fetish like that!? It's a secret he can never allow to get out. After Kaoru and his friend get involved in another police chase, his arousal demands his attention in the park. Just as he's about to masturbate... a police officer appears...!! When a cop catches Kaoru exposed, is his darkest fantasy going to become real...!!?

AuthorAsuka Ibuki
Review 5(1 Review)
Kishiwada is widely recognized as the school's number one delinquent. But, despite being the leader of a gang, he's hiding an important secret... which is... he has extremely sensitive nipples! They get erect from the slightest touch from the fabric of his clothes. Not only that... even his rod gets hard from it! Due to this, his everyday life is filled with troubles! The reason for this peculiar condition is that when he was a kid, he used to play a game called "Nipple Bingo" with his friend Andoh... And one day, Andoh suddenly reappears in Kishiwada's life! Make sure to follow Kishiwada's everyday-life adventures!

AuthorYama Bicco
Publisherjunet Publishing Co.,Ltd.
"Two guys can never find happiness together." Despite having feelings for Masashi, Saku turns him down when asked out. Upbeat by nature, Masashi persuades Saku and the two start dating. But...! From young love to adult romance... This book includes a long cover story and four other heartwarming tales! With lots and lots of love!



[ Total vol 6 ] ( Current vol 2 )
Cole, a gay college student, has a crush on the boy next door, Alex Rodriguez. Cole can only watch Alex from a distance, all the girls flocking to the one he wants while being forced to satisfy his urges alone. Then one day, that distance starts to disappear when a drunken Alex falls asleep in Cole's bed. Emboldened, Cole goes to a costume party in hopes of talking to Alex and ends up confessing his true feelings. Alex is used to this kind of thing, casually brushing it off, but Cole doesn't know what to do and comes up with...! A dark-haired hunk and an average blonde gay guy; two polar opposites meet in this homosexual-romance slice-of-life drama!



( Current vol 3 )
AuthorBondo Mitsuya
PublisherBrite Publishing
Review 5(1 Review)
Porn star Haruma is giving relationship advice to his straight "friend," Makito, who works at his other job at a restaurant. One day, Makito finds a porn video that might be starring the girl he's got a crush on...! While Makito is in despair, Haruma encourages him to watch the video together to check if she actually IS Makito's crush. The inexperienced Makito gets hard watching the video even as he struggles with some mixed emotions! A love story that shows the growth of a pure, innocent virginal boy and a gay porn star who he has inadvertently wrapped around his finger!

AuthorSakae Matsubara
PublisherTakeshobo co.,ltd.
One day on a walk through the park, a mysterious man who calls himself Satoru Tsugumi tumbles from a tree and lands on Sosuke Suzume. After immediately confessing his love and kissing Sosuke, Satoru proclaims he is the human form of a migratory bird that had come to Japan looking for a mate, and thanks Sosuke for previously rescuing him... Understandably, Sosuke is freaked out by this total pervert and runs away, but he can't get him off his mind. He goes back to the park to find Satoru. One thing leads to another and suddenly Sosuke finds himself asking to become Satoru's mate in this sexy yaoi story.This manga contains the following works: "Love Song of the Mistle Thrush," "Blue Torch," "The One I Love is a Memory Junkie," "The One I Love is a Memory Junkie - 2nd Memory," "The One I Love is a Memory Junkie - 3rd Memory"

AuthorChihaya Magase
Review 3(1 Review)
His boyfriend's weird obsession with sex toys made Ichiya afraid of men, even though he's gay. He later takes over his grandfather's shared house as the administrator, and it turns out... its residents are all gay porn stars! Ichiya accepts the job under the impression that being an administrator means no touching. As soon as he arrives, he becomes the center of attention for all the actors! They film gay porn in the living room, barge into the bath for a hug... It's all going haywire! To top it off, Ichiya has to share a room with one of the guys until his own is fully renovated!

AuthorAo Izumi
Yuta meets his first love again, only to have him say "I can't get along with him!" When Yuta was little, he was scared of the planetarium and began to cry, but Haruto cheered him up. He was a blond-haired, blue-eyed "star prince"...! Wanting to see Haruto again, Yuta studies the stars and revolves his life around them. Then, one day, he finally gets the chance to see Haruto again...! Instead of the kind, shimmering aura Yuta expects, he's met with a rude narcissist!! But, unable to discard years of admiration, Yuta finds Haruto sleeping in the projection hall and... A wholehearted youngster calms a temperamental man with a traumatic past. This is a story of pain and pure love!

AuthorYakan Misaki Inori
Review 5(7 Review)
The hit gender-swap yaoi novel is now a comic! To return to manhood, he has to sleep with another guy!? Alto, a novice librarian, is cursed to turn into a woman. To turn back into a man, he has to have sex with men! Alto confesses his problem to the handsome bad-boy knight Sir Lloyd, who's only too happy to "help him out." Alto shouldn't be enjoying this, so why does it feel so good!? And then there's Sir Lune, the well-mannered knight-in-shining-armor Alto has always admired, who's worried about Alto, too... Enjoy this one-of-a-kind story full of gender-swap sex, boys loving boys, and a love triangle involving two handsome knights!
This work contains both straight and gay themes.

AuthorTomo Kurahashi
PublisherTakeshobo co.,ltd.
Review 5(3 Review)
It's Shino's fifth year living and working in the city. He's swamped with work, but he loves his life. One night, his old high-school friend Mio comes to visit. Mio's broke and has no place to stay, so he asks Shino to let him crash for the night. Mio's changed a bit since they last met, but at least his child-like quirkiness is still there. Though they haven't seen each other in years, Shino remembers how fun it was to have Mio around. Shino also finds out Mio had cheated on his soon-to-be fiancee with a man! Shino isn't about to leave Mio on the streets after Mio calls him his "hero," so he suggests that Mio live with him, but... A sensual love story about a reunion between a guy who has it all and a "stray cat" with some skeletons in his closet!
Includes three digital-only pages.



( Current vol 2 )
Review 5(1 Review)
Narihira is the second-oldest son in a family descended from werewolves. His tendency to grow wolf ears and a tail when he gets excited is a problem when having sex with normal humans. But, Narihira has so far controlled himself well. He likes feeling good, but doesn't want drama, so he favors one-night stands. On one of those nights, he meets a man called Fujitake. Narihira's ease was short-lived... In bed with Fujitake at point-blank range, Narihira is hit by his intoxicating scent. His entire body becomes sensitive, as if he's taken an aphrodisiac...! The wolf's cool demeanor crumbles before the man's scent that makes him lose control...! This is the third segment in the series, following "A Feast for the Wolf in Heat" and "The Pure Wolf's First Love"!

AuthorSouko Ikeda
The super oblivious P.E. teacher and the bossy Chemistry teacher have been friends since elementary school, but their road to love is awkward and full of misunderstandings! Also included are stories about a perverted proctology doctor who "treats" a clueless young patient, a dull-looking office worker and a (supposedly) power top bath house attendant, and a popular guy and a geek! This book is overflowing with sweet, sexy yaoi stories!

Review 4(2 Review)
"Comments are flooding in. Cum already. Show them how much you love anal." "Ahhhh!!!" I, Yuusei Kimura, started jacking off on camera for a gay livestream site for a little extra cash. But, ever since horny lady-killer Shouma from the class next door found out, he's been threatening to tell everyone... "Consecutive orgasms by vibrator." "Live blowjobs." "Anal play." He does all that to me with everyone watching, until finally...!!! As much as I hate him having his way with me, the views and comments are skyrocketing! "If you do exactly what I tell you, I'll hit that spot you like and make you cum nonstop." I can't say no, and Shouma's making more and more hardcore demands every day. Now he's telling me to do "that" at school...!?

AuthorKitahala Lyee
PublisherTakeshobo co.,ltd.
Review 4(2 Review)
After meeting through an online dating site, Naoki and Tomoaki had a purely physical relationship for almost a year before they finally became a proper couple. Tomoaki graduated from college and got a job, and despite their busy lives, the two men have slowly but surely grown closer together. However, when Tomoaki is sent to Osaka on a business trip, they're separated for two whole weeks. Having never spent this much time apart, it only takes a small thing to cause big trouble. Naoki's never loved anyone before, and he soon realizes he's getting a taste of something new. Feelings that began in a gelato shop melt together in sweet harmony and turn to love...
Includes four digital-only pages.

AuthorIto Agata
This is the long-awaited second series depicting the story between Yuki and Tsukasa, who are now lovers! Their relationship started with Tsukasa finding it amusing how Yuki would do whatever he said. But, Yuki took it all in stride, his open and honest demeanor eventually winning Tsukasa over, and love blossomed between them. Tsukasa has dated many girls, but has he ever loved anyone like this before? Although caught between feelings of jealousy and possessiveness, Tsukasa's passion for Yuki only grows stronger. Yuki, however, feels guilty over his relationship with Tsukasa, despite his happiness about being Tsukasa's lover... The next installment of the intimate and complicated relationship between the cool, once-straight junior who finally finds love and the industrious yet lewd, boy-loving senior starts here!

AuthorRoku Yoshidaya
Publisherjunet Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Humans no longer venture near the distant ruined castle where vampires live in quiet solitude. One such creature, Alexander, is confronted by a fledgling named Mihal who declares, "I love you, and I want your body and your heart..." While deliberating, Alexander invites Mihal into his old bedroom... He allows the younger vampire to form a physical bond, but will Mihal be able to win his heart...!?



[ Total vol 4 ] Completed
AuthorPal Uchida
Review 5(1 Review)
Bully-magnet Andre has no friends, but he's determined to turn over a new leaf now that he's started high school... Unfortunately, due to being of Eurasian decent, he's off to a bad start when he gets scolded by a teacher for having blond hair. Luckily, he is saved by Jun Hayakawa, a popular senior whose happy-go-lucky personality is the exact opposite his own.He reaches out to Andre, saying, "I'll be your friend so you can see what it's like!" However... this relationship already has a time limit and the clock is counting down... A sweet love story between total opposites in both appearance and personality!

"I'll never bow down to him!!"At least that's what Nozomu thought... But he was powerless, body and soul, before the self-centered yet likeable student council president. When Nozomu, a freshman, is asked to attend a student council meeting in his friend's place, his attitude places him squarely in the sights of the student council president, Tomoaki Shijo. The well-connected Tomoaki adds Nozomu to the student council against Nozomu's will. Nozomu isn't going to give up without a fight, but little does he know...



[ Total vol 5 ] Completed
AuthorNerima zim
Review 5(1 Review)
Masaki Tsuji's a 30-something year old high school teacher as sincere as they come. His student, Sohta Izumi, is in love with him. Through many twists and turns, Sohta's earnest feelings eventually swayed Masaki and the two are now in a romantic relationship. Sohta's dating Masaki, something he thought he only could've dreamed of. His fantasies are reigned in by Masaki, who forbids any kind of hanky-panky at school and sex until graduation! Forced to hold back right after attaining his love, Sohta's jealousy builds day by day. Just then, Mr. Noda, the new school nurse, catches on to their relationship...
This is the sequel to the popular "I Never Taught You That!"

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