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I'm Calling Off This Engagement! (Current ch. 6) Comic

Celenzia wakes up after a bump to the head with memories of her past life. She has lived a sheltered life as a high-born maiden. Armed with her previous memories and newfound, daring attitude, she manages to put an end to her engagement to her no-good, cheating fiance by catching him in the act. She's finally free, but now she has to deal with pretty-boy Albert getting involved in her affairs!? Celenzia intends to forge her own path and decide her own love life, but things don't end up going quite as planned!


Want to Come to My Place Tonight? -Falling in Love with a Widower- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


Newly hired kindergarten teacher Atsuko Minamino tries to rescue a cat, Kosuke, who's lying unmoving by the side of the road... but she gets mistaken for a cat thief! The misunderstanding is soon cleared up, and the cat's owners treat her to dinner at Pub Kitajima in apology. Atsuko's happy that Ryo Kitajima, the pub's owner, is her type?handsome but sad. He even makes Atsuko food to help her health condition. So, Atsuko can't help but get excited. Not only that, but Ryo's son Toma attaches himself to her. When Ryo smiles and asks her to come again, she can't stop herself from falling in love. This is a love story between a teacher and a single father.


Dangerous Pranking During a Secret Office Romance (Current ch. 8) Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Mizuki Sarashina's a new employee at a company and her mentor's a guy rumored to be "cool and handsome"... No, he's named Hyogo Kishima and he has the nickname of "newbie killer"...!!

Mizuki has a strong fighting spirit and manages to keep up with the workload he gives her. Then, one day, Mizuki finds a piece of chocolate on her desk and doesn't know where it came from...

From the one-off story "Dangerous Pranking During a Secret Office Romance" comes the return of the ever-fighting couple! This is the start of a new series where we find out how Mizuki and Hyogo first met!


Goodbye My Accomplice (Current ch. 9) Comic

AuthorIto Agata

On a winter day, he fell in love with a man who he knows nothing about, including his true name, age, or job... Hajime is the son of the CEO of a major automobile manufacturer. He's the ideal star student, but he's hard to approach and is a loner in his class. As he passes his days with unending boredom, he meets a mysterious man wearing a suit. The man calls himself "Hirose" and jokingly tells Hajime that he's on the run. Hajime takes an interest in Hirose and visits him from time to time to see how he's doing...
This is an "unusual" love found by a lonely high school student. Witness a sentimental love story about two guys who are far apart in age centering on youthful adolescence and their struggles.


The Doctor's Engagement Comic


Holly is shocked when Dr. Mark Logan, her childhood friend, suddenly asks her to marry him. It isn't a real proposal, though. He's having issues with a flirtatious woman at work and needs a fake fiancee to get the woman off his back. Although reluctant at first, Holly can't say no to her best friend. But as they start their sham relationship, she begins to see him not as a childhood friend, but as a man. How will she calm the growing fire in her heart?



The Beast Beneath the Skirt (Current ch. 44) Comic Popular


Shizuka goes to a party but can't get into the mood. Just then, a stunning woman named Ryou approaches her. They ditch the party to have a drink together and quickly hit it off. Shizuka ends up going to Ryou's place afterward, where Ryou suddenly pushes a kiss on her. Shizuka thinks that Ryou must be a lesbian, and then she feels something hard below Ryou's waist. Could Ryou actually be... a man...!? Shizuka's mind goes blank as Ryou's fingers delve into her deepest area...!


The M.D.'s Mistress Comic


Rebecca, a nurse, travels to a medical facility in a small village in Africa. She's sent there with Seth, a handsome but foulmouthed and arrogant doctor. They've never gotten along, but Rebecca has always been attracted to him. In Africa, Rebecca collapses after wearing herself out, and when she returns to the US to recover, a mysterious billionaire invites her to convalesce at his mountain lodge. At first, she's overwhelmed by the luxurious villa, but she soon finds herself feeling bored. That is, until Seth suddenly shows up!



Captivated By The Brooding Billionaire Comic


Desperately needing to get away, Abby takes a vacation to Europe and meets gorgeous Raoul. His sexy body and dark, brooding eyes instantly captivate her. While she's staying at the winery that he operates, Abby can't help but hope that Raoul might be her destined lover. But in order to get close to Raoul, she'll first have to deal with his cruel aristocratic family!



A Hole Craving to be Touched (Current ch. 9) Comic


Souta Miyano has a secret. He's weak when it comes to being played with from behind and desires something other than his finger to satisfy his needs. One night out, he gets too drunk and a coworker comes to his aid. It's then that he accidentally exposes his secret. Little did he know, their time in the bathroom stall that night would be just the beginning of more pleasures to come.


From Boys to Beasts [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

AuthorRoca Kato

"We've always loved you... that's why nobody else can have you!"

My two childhood friends, Toma and Akihito, have been always been there for me. Since I'm older, I've always had to look out for them, but before I knew it, Toma has become an honors student, while the usually blunt Akihito has grown up to become a kind young man. Though it makes me feel a little lonely, I've finally found somebody I like. Maybe I can grow up a little too!

...At least, that's what I thought until those two started meddling in my affairs! With an "oh, you thought of us as younger brothers? Well, we ain't holding back anymore!", the pair of them suddenly change into wild beasts!!

Pinning me down, they both kiss me all over, and caress me deeply... I had no idea they were like this...!!


Because He Embraced Me [Total ch. 12] Completed Comic

AuthorAki Naruse
PublisherKaikan Club

Sayo doesn't have any friends at the office and has pretty much given up on both work and romance. She distances herself from the others, telling herself that she just has to put up with it since she's different from them. One day, she's approached by Yuuji Saeki, a popular coworker who's always surrounded by people. She's confused, but she can't calm her racing heart!
"I want to see the expressions that you don't show anyone else." Yuuji extends his hands towards her, pushing his way into her heart. Sayo finds herself being drawn to him as well...


My Student Turned Out To Be My Favorite Pop Star! (Current ch. 2) Comic


Kazunari Yanagi, 28, is a teacher who loves the underground boy band, Star Compass.
No matter how underpaid he may be and no matter how much overtime he has to put in, he feels energized, just by seeing the boys smile!!
Kazunari's life is great because Rikkun, his favorite, is aware of him as a regular fan of the group. One day, Kazunari is transferred to a different school. He works hard to adjust while wondering what the deal is with a student named Riku Agarizaki, who has never once been in class.
Then it's soon time for midterm exams. Told that Riku has come to class, Kazunari is glad that he will finally meet the mysterious student... and can hardly believe his eyes.

A story about forbidden love... between a pop star-slash-student and his number one fan-slash-teacher!!!


Caroline's Child Comic


Caroline is a single, unwed mother. The father of her baby left soon after she became pregnant, so she's been working to support her daughter all by herself. Caroline hasn't told anyone who the father is, as gossip travels easily in a small town. Her childhood friend Grady has always cared for her and she may just be in love with him, but she knows that revealing her secret will devastate him!



Silly Naive Heroine Comic

AuthorMoto Amino

Koji is a college student who pretends to be a woman online to blackmail men for some easy cash. When one of his targets, Natsu, accidentally discovers his secret identity, Koji gets his just desserts at a nearby hotel. Forced to acknowledge a side of himself he never knew existed, Koji nurses his wounded butt and ego while plotting the perfect revenge....but can he go through with it?


An Inexperienced 25-Year-Old Now Lives with a High School Guy (Current ch. 17) Comic


Haruka, or Torako Harukawa, is a popular, charismatic columnist known for her advice on relationships. Though the truth of the matter is that she's completely inexperienced. She's never been in a relationship, let alone kiss or even hug a guy.
One day, she receives an offer to write a real-life romance novel on intimate relationships.

Adult-oriented...? Steamy...? Passionate...?
She can't think anymore.

Haruka goes to a bar, drinks too much, tells her problems to the bartender, and gets smashed...

She wakes up the next morning to find the bartender sitting in her home...!
It's then that he tells her that he's a high school student!!

Will Haruka start learning about adult intimacy from this young guy?
The 25-year-old who's still innocent and the high school senior are about to start a secret life together under a single roof!!


The Bride's Baby Of Shame Comic


Sophie feels trapped by the fact that she's being forced into a political marriage. Then she meets Sicilian businessman Renzo, who offers to set her free. She falls in love with him at first sight and gives him her virginity, but she leaves him afterward, knowing she can't hide from her destiny. On the day of her wedding, Renzo breaks into the ceremony and finds out that she is pregnant! He still wants her...but can she be more than just his mistress?



Irresistible Bargain With The Greek Comic


Talia, the daughter of a real estate tycoon, met Luke at a party and was instantly attracted to him, and they spent the night together. It was a dream come true for her, who had lived her life at the mercy of her father, an absolute ruler. However, on her way home, she received news that her father's company had gone bankrupt. Her father disappeared, and she was forced to leave the house. She went to the wealthy Greek man who bought the company to beg him to let her keep the mansion for her mother. But the man turned out to be Luke, with whom she spent one unforgettably sweet night...



Anyone! I Don't Care who... Sleep with Me!! -The Hot Student Council Vice Pres. who Only Gets Hit on by Bottoms- (Current ch. 7) Comic Popular


17-year-old Seiei Takamiya has a serious problem. He purposely chose to attend an all-boys boarding school to increase his chances of finding someone to fulfill his needs. And what he needs is a top. So, how did he end up in a school full of bottoms!? Of course, his straight roommate doesn't understand. Check out this hilarious yaoi story of misunderstandings and pent-up desires!


My Dashing Delivery Driver [Plus Bonus Page and Digital and Renta!-Only Bonus Page] Comic


Former office worker Isshin quits his office job to do hard physical labor in the delivery business. As the daily grind wears down his body and soul, his only solace is working with his beloved coworker Haz?. Haz? has it all - good looks and excellent occupational skills. One day, just when Isshin's starting to feel like Haz?'s titillating presence makes his job worthwhile, he makes a mistake during a delivery and Haz? has to pick up after him. On top of that, he gets blackout drunk and makes a total disgrace of himself. When he wakes up, he finds himself with no clothes on, and Haz? by his bedside asking if he remembers what happened last night... That one moment of despair might be the catalyst that brings them together...


Claiming His One-Night Baby Comic


Natasha was at the funeral of her husband who was killed in a sudden accident, when she spotted the plastic surgeon, Matteo, among the attendants. Natasha was understandably upset because they were lovers up until the night that she and Pieta were wed. On the night of the funeral, Natasha allowed the angry Matteo to visit her. Overwhelmed by desire, she found herself devoted to him... and soon after, discovered signs that she may be pregnant!Natasha makes a swift decision ? ro reveal everything to him, including the hidden secrets of her marriage.


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