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Animalistic Switch -I Started a Naughty Life Together with A Pornstar- ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

PublisherKaikan Club

"It feels so good that my mind's going blank... but is this something he learned at work...?

Minori (29) is an erotic cartoonist who can't catch a break. Her manga won't sell, and she can't get a boyfriend. With nothing to lose, she signs up for a matchmaking event, where she meets Hiroki Kuratani. They bond over their mutual desire to change themselves, and then they suddenly start living together!!

Despite Minori hiding that she's an erotic cartoonist, life as roommates seems normal at first... until she's grabbed from behind and pinned down! "Isn't this what you wanted? Sure seems that way." Hiroki's face is like that of a wild animal as he toys with her.

On top of that, Minori happens to see an adult movie with an actor that looks just like Hiroki...
A compassionate side, and an animalistic side. Which one is the real him?


Another Wild Night with My Lord!? -Is This Service Part of the Job?- ( Current vol 30 ) Comic


"Spread your legs." he said, before he suddenly started pounding into her. She's not sure what's going on, but for some reason, it's turning her on...!One day, Suzuka meets an old man, who offers to help her pay off her family's debt. He takes her to a large, traditional inn, where she starts working as a live-in waitress. In the afternoon, all employees and villagers gather in the reception hall, and with a cheer of "Our lord has returned!!", a super-handsome young man enters the hall!! This man seems to be the lord of the town, and there seems to be a reason for it. Out of nowhere, he declares, "You'll be attending me tonight..." and, "Don't you want to be mine?" But despite his honeyed words, he turns out to be rather rough in bed...! Will this arrogant tyrant get to use Suzuka's body as he pleases!?


Apple and Poison Comic

When her parents disapprove of her boyfriend, Marie chooses to run away from home. Without anywhere to go, she's picked up by a mysterious woman while loitering in a park and goes back to her house where she meets the woman's younger brother, Haru... Haru's got a little bit of a cold streak when it comes to women, but Marie can tell he's really got a heart of gold. The more time the two of them spend together, the more Marie starts to realize that maybe this is where she belongs...


Are You Prepared To Be My Girl? ( Current vol 5 ) Comic

Mai, a poor university student, was chosen to be a cosmetic model by a rich celebrity, Saionji. Mai doesn't understand why she was chosen, but Saionji teases her with a kiss, saying, "You have beautiful skin." Mai feels like she's falling for him, but wonders if he's just playing with her. It's a love story of a poor girl and a rich boy.


Arrogant Erotica Comic

"I don't like women with big breasts and too much pride." That's the first thing Nao hears from the popular interior designer she admires, Kyoya Hino. She can't believe it, and really doesn't like him. She decides she'll never fall for an arrogant, overbearing, stuck-up man like that... But despite his cold demeanor, there's a kind side to him she sometimes sees in his face and words. Nao finds herself feeling increasingly affectionate towards him. Yet Kyoya's heart belongs to someone else...


Assaulted by the Sadistic Company Director! -A Terrifying Prison Roulette- Comic

AuthorJun Akobe

Our main character gets a direct scoop about a hot CEO who's had some wild rumors following him around... When the CEO leaves his seat, she spots a very suspicious button by his desk! Scared and nervous, our main character touches it... and reveals an underground casino! And what people bet on there... is a woman's orgasm count! Soon, the hot CEO is fondling her and fingering her. She doesn't want it, yet her body responds... and then, it's time for the main event - getting broken in and humiliated by men she doesn't even know! Once the roulette of pleasure spins, no one can stop it!


At 33 I Fell Prey to a Young Womanizer [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


Mirei just keeps working and before she knows it she's 33 years old and has totally given up on being a proper woman. Then, one day at work, the popular, young and hot newbie, Sota Saeki, tells her he will make her remember how to be a woman, and she finds herself pinned under him!! He keeps teasing her in several ways, and while she tries to forget and ignore him, it becomes close to impossible when they end up going on a business trip together! How will she be able to focus around this young womanizer!?


At Nightfall the Haughty Stylist Takes over the Beauty Salon [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


His hands were moving delicately, soothing my broken heart, leaving my body at his mercy. It felt mind numbingly good. Even though my childhood friend, the beauty salon manager's son, made fun of me, I still believed in this magic charm: "if a girl grows her hair down to her waist, her love will be reciprocated." I had finally grown my hair to the right length, and I was ready to confess my feelings... when I witnessed my one-sided crush having sex. To make things worse, I cut my hair in desperation and my childhood friend saw it... After we shared a passionate kiss he started to take things even further whilst saying that "girls cut their hair after a heartbreak to get themselves ready to find a new love"...


At the Mercy of the Great King Enma [ Total vol 10 ] Completed Comic


Yoshino, a young monk, fell down the stairs of her temple. She ended up in an otherworldly place, and was escorted to the Great King Enma! "If you let me have my way with you, I'll guarantee your safety." Yoshino is appointed to be King Enma's lady-in-waiting, because of her strong spiritual power. She's at his mercy every night, but can't resent him because of his past. Even the rude King Enma has reasons for needing Yoshino... Are they in love? Are they a quarrelling couple? Read the rest to find out!


Auction Girl -Virgin on Display- Comic


How much will you pay for my virginity? In order to get her crush to pay more attention to her, Mirai decides to put her virginity up for auction! But then, tons of creepy guys start going after her! She hopes the boy she likes will come and buy her, but he doesn't show up... and just as Mirai starts to regret what she's done, suddenly, men drunk on lust begin to mercilessly attack her! What will happen to her in the end?!


Baby, I Love You Comic

After Akane loses both her parents in an accident, her beloved next-door neighbor Aoi suddenly proposes! Of course she says yes and they begin their life together, but when Aoi won't take their relationship to the next level, Akane gets so anxious! "Hey, Aoi, did you just marry me out of pity?" In addition to the love story of Aoi and his schoolgirl bride Akane, you can enjoy a collection of other stories that are sure to make you smile!


Bad Boy -Night of the Scattered Pearls- Comic


At nearly 30 years old, I'm only interested in men who are ready to marry. But then, I meet a dangerous man whose touch sets me on fire! My whole body feels hot... The spot where his lips touch is burning. My passion for him every time we meet sucks me in; it's frightening! This is an exciting, 100-page special version with more love scenes than before!!


Bad Boy -Seduction Under the Rainy Eaves- ( Current vol 8 ) Comic


At a company in the Tohoku region, Chinatsu, a hardworking career woman with a hidden past, meets Daiki, the popular former captain of the corporate rugby team. Chinatsu is gorgeous, cares for her co-workers, and always gets results, which causes Daiki to fall more and more in love with her; but for some reason, she turns down every man who asks her out... What could have possibly happened in the past to make her this way? Daiki's always been great at using his charms to get what he wants, but... "Seduction Under the Rainy Eaves" starts off with a 62-page first chapter and an extra-long preview!


Bastard! No One Sneaks into a Girl's Bed... by Mistake! [ Total vol 48 ] Completed Comic Hot


He touches my sensitive private parts, and somewhere deep inside me starts to get hot... I never had an erotic dream like this before... But, wait! It isn't a dream!?


Bathroom Trip Comic

Michiru and Mayama dream of going on vacation together, so they work hard at their part-time jobs. They're working hard again today... but then they find themselves alone together, and the mood takes an unexpected turn... Michiru's has to dress as a maid, then she's in a yukata, then a swimsuit, and then she's an advertising model... What is this!? Cosplay!? Follow the romantic path this couple walks through their jobs, all squeezed together into this manga anthology!


Be Gentle with Me Comic

AuthorCoco Satou

Sayaka is over 20 years old and still hasn't been with a guy. When she complains to her best friend, Fumiya, he offers himself up and tells Sayaka that he likes her! She's shocked, but as he sweetly seduces her, Sayaka can think of nothing but the pleasure that awaits...


Be My Bride -Sudden Premarital Arrest- [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

AuthorShow Izumi

"Never in my life have I ever wanted someone so much. Will you marry me?" Following the death of her grandfather, in accordance with his last wishes, Maiko Aso, your average secretary, moves into a wealthy household with the Shiratoris. Does that mean she'll end up the bride to one of the three Shiratori brothers!? The oldest brother, Reiichi is the ultimate businessman and travels all over the world. The middle brother, Kyoji, despite being Japanese is a handsome lieutenant for the U.S. military. And the youngest, Ryozo, is a flourishing super star.... And ever since that fateful day, those three brothers have started to make their moves...!


Be My Pet Comic


One weekend, at the park, I coincidently met the CEO of where I work part-time. He had his big dog with him and it looked like they were having a lot of fun playing together. I have a secret crush on my boss, so I suddenly got really jealous, and blurted out to him that I wanted to be his pet, too! However, his response to me was quite unexpected!


Beast Syndrome ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

Some years back, there was an explosion at a genetics research lab, causing humans all over the world to grow animal ears and tails that they can control at will. This phenomenon was known as "Beast Syndrome." Although there are no other reported symptoms, there are rumors that these human "beasts" also go into heat! Follow the romantic adventures of our animal-eared cast as they look for look for love in the office!


Beast of Love Comic


"Wanna have sex with me?"... A transfer student, Kakeru, joins Kyouka's class. Turns out he's the heir to a local yakuza family and enrolled in the school for a very special reason... He's handsome, but his piercing glare and belligerent nature makes everyone run away from him - everyone save for carefree Kyouka. Entranced by his charm, she gets closer and closer to him even though she knows how dangerous he is... Until one day, he ask her to have sex with him. Kyouka declares she won't go near him because he doesn't understand love. He accepts that as a challenge!

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