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My Naughty Butler's Irresistible Seductions Comic

With her uncle hospitalized, Shino takes over as the acting Grand Master of a traditional Japanese flower arrangement house. Her uncle's butler, Katagiri, is there to show her how to dress, act, and even make love like a lady... All he wants in return are her moans of pleasure, and she melts under his intimate caresses. She wants all of him, but their love must remain a secret... Find out what happens in these stories bursting with the hidden romance between a lady and her butler!


The Only DNA I Need Is Yours Comic

Karen Kurihara, a high school student, and Kaoru Sagae, the most popular teacher, are secretly married. Her classmates are smitten with him and Karen's heart flutters every day when she looks at her husband. On a school field trip one of her friends decides she wants to hit on him......!! "I want to tell them that he's mine!" This is a roller-coaster of a love story about newlyweds.


A Clumsy Cinderella Comic

AuthorRinko Nami

Hime's a plain girl who's not only single, she doesn't even have any friends. One day, she's approached by a handsome hair stylist, Raito, who says, "I love you. I have since we first met!" Thinking he's teasing her, she runs away, but he appears again saying, "I want to get to know you better......" Will this "prince" with his sparkling smile and this plain Jane "princess" have a chance at romance......?


Voyeurism -Beating Around the Bush on the Balcony- Comic

Moeka just started living alone a month ago. She's a college student hoping to find herself a nice boyfriend, and one day, she realizes something. From her balcony, she can see everything in the room in front of her apartment, and she finds out that a very hot guy lives there......! She starts spying on him through the window, but one day, his girlfriend (!?) walks in his room and kisses him......!! Moeka is so shocked that she nearly gives up on him, but then she catches him having sex with his girlfriend!! She knows she shouldn't look, but she can't take her eyes off them. And...... guess what!? It turns out that the girl isn't the one who was kissing him the other day! As soon as she realizes it, she starts to feel horny and touches herself on the balcony......! She can't resist the temptation and does it again the next day......!


A Girl's Wish Comic

"I want a boyfriend!" This is constantly on Kano's mind as she dreams of a romantic love life. Then one day, a friend introduces her to a kind, handsome prince of a man named Soushi. He indulges her every whim and Kano couldn't be happier with their budding relationship. They go to a fireworks festival and in a moment of closeness, she sees Soushi as the man of her dreams. She imagines him kissing her, fondling her with his fingers... As her fantasy runs wild, Kano is beside herself with desire...


My Adorable Puppy Comic


Ishimaki is a freshman who came to me and declared his love when I was devastated, mind and soul, by my two-timing boyfriend. "You're probably just after my body, too. If you say you aren't, then can you prove it by doing everything I say?" Contains four heart-pounding love stories including the title work, "MY ADORABLE PUPPY".


My Naughty Honey Comic

Nurse Moe Jingu is currently chaperoning students on a school field trip. Though she's hit on repeatedly by boys with naughty ideas, she has absolutely no interest in younger men! There's one boy though, Suguru Amamiya, who only scowls at her. "But why? He asked me out a few days ago..." Along with this story about a risky relationship between a teacher and a student on a field trip, this book features other stories about girls who dare to face love head-on.


Noble Temptation Comic

Inn-worker Etsuko falls in love with none other than Rashid, the prince of a desert kingdom. She's incredibly happy to be with Rashid, who's arrogant and sadistic but has moments of kindness. No matter how devoted she is though, those around her won't acknowledge her because of her low social status. Wanting to become worthy of her lover, Etsuko decides to help Rashid's cousin Lucian with his work. The more time she spends with Lucian, the more Rashid wants Etsuko's company, while Etsuko just wants to be of more help to Rashid. Their feelings lead them to clash, gradually creating a rift between them......


Love Secret Comic

Saho is now living a life full of happiness as she's finally going out with her boss, Masato, who she's always had a crush on. But, even though she expected to be all lovey-dovey with him in the office, Saho learns that whenever a workplace relationship is found out, the guy always gets transferred to another region. Due to these unforseen complications, in order not to be forced into a long-distance relationship, and to keep their love for each other strong, Saho has to make sure no one discovers their secret. Despite their love just having started, they already seem to be headed down a very rocky road! This is an office romance manga that contains the popular series featuring Saho and Masato.


Late Night Office Romance Comic

Ryoko finds herself being pressured into staying at a love hotel with a guy she's just met at a party, only to be rescued by a handsome stranger. Even though Ryoko doesn't even know his name, she's unable to forget about her mystery man. Just when she's about to give up on seeing him again, she finds out he works in the same company! Under his passionate gaze, she feels his manly hands caressing her...... Ryoko starts falling head over heels for Kiryu. Despite her doubts about becoming a couple, a night of overtime pairs them together and they soon become closer......


Don't Call Me Your Teacher! Comic

Haruka Morikawa is a university student training to be a teacher, and her boyfriend, a fellow trainee, cheats on her. As Haruka drinks her sorrows away in a park, a hot guy just happens to be passing by and comes over to comfort her. The next day, when she's student-teaching at a local school - the same school her now ex-boyfriend is student-teaching at - she sees the guy from the night before in her classroom......! "Could it be that I forced my own student to do this and that with me!?" This is a love story full of passion that's sure to make your heart throb with envy!


More Than Friends, Not Quite Lovers [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


The new guy at work I thought was just an innocent boy is actually a sadistic beast!! He's figuring out all the spots that turn me on... My body is totally subject to his will...! The sexy young employee, Rikuto, seeks advice from Sora, saying, "I've never dated a girl before. I want you to teach me about sex." Blindsided by this unexpected behavior, Sora thinks he has a cute side - which turns out to be a big mistake! His caresses feel way too good, and he knows how to talk dirty. For someone with supposedly no experience with women, how is it that he's this smooth...!??


Sweet Fingertips Comic

My boyfriend is a hot stylist, but he never has time for me. I'm getting sexually frustrated! So when I visited him at his salon and felt his hands on me, it was all too much! Read about this and all our other real-life love stories! Sex in public! What if somebody sees us? That would be hot! Or a rendezvous in the office, a hot run-in on the street, even a secret love affair with a teacher, and more! This second collection of true stories of love and sex is hotter than ever!!


Twilight Comic

I'm Emily Morino, and I'm a bit of a klutz. The handsome Ushio and his beautiful sister, Hibiki, found me passed out from hunger on the beach, and let me move in! I start falling for the kind Ushio, but then find out that Hibiki has really strong feelings for someone, too...... I don't want to end up hurting anyone just because I'm in love......! Where will this tragic love triangle go......!?


The Unrequited Nocturne Comic

Miwa is the maid to Kazunari, a doctor with a private practice and the second son of the wealthy Mishima family. She's had a secret crush on him since she was little, though she's contented herself with just being by his side... until their relationship becomes physical. Society says they can't even be lovers, but Miwa can't stop dreaming of a happy future with him...


Risky Housemates [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

"Looks like I need to punish my rule-breaking houseguest." Suddenly, Mr. Sakurai pulls Satsuki close and kisses her lips. As their tongues tangle together, Mr. Sakurai's fingers creep down to a place Satsuki has never let anyone touch before...... Satsuki lost both her parents when she was very young. Almost immediately after her grandfather passes away, her apartment catches fire, leaving her homeless. "Go to these people if you're ever in need." Following the words of her grandfather, she goes to the home of Norimichi Sakurai, only to be greeted by a stubbled, scruffy-haired, foul-mouthed, scary man......! His only rule is that she not enter a certain room. Satsuki begins her new life with the secretive Mr. Sakurai, only to immediately break his only rule...!!


Dirty Memory: A Secretary's Double Struggle Comic

After getting in a traffic accident and losing my memories, I've got two men claiming to be my lover! I tried seeing both of them in order to get my memories back, but... Ryosuke, from the executive department, takes me on dates and is so nice. I want to spend more time with him. He kissed me really roughly, but as he touched me more and more, it started to feel really good. The next day I was called into the company president's office. Then, the president pushed me down and forced himself on me! As much as I didn't want to, I got wet and excited. I get the feeling I've slept with the president before... "Am I really dating both Ryosuke and the company president!?"


Secret Comic

Hana, an apprentice at a patisserie, is secretly going out with the owner, Mr. Naka. Every time she makes a mistake and gets called into his room, she's subjected to sweet, sweet discipline. Despite being serious while working, he's all lovey-dovey when they're alone together. What's more, she seems to have triggered his mischievous streak! "Be sure to wear all this." With those words, he gives her a Santa costume, but the contents are just too extreme......! Their love, shrouded in secrecy, is filled with excitement and heart-fluttering thrills!


It Starts with Love Comic

Sara always just watches guys from afar, Rikuya goes out with girls, but always gets dumped. They are friends that are bad at the game of love! After every heartbreak they comfort each other, but Sara doesn't want to lose at love anymore! She makes the decision to find true love!


Secret Hospitality at the Steamy Inn - The Hunky Guy and Naughty Me - [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

"Ma'am... are you wild?" Servicing guests with her mouth and letting them touch her private parts... Isn't this the wrong type of customer service for the young proprietress to be offering? "Juice is just flowing from her hole. She's so slippery." Responding to the demands of her guests, performing with her mouth and having sex... But this is the only way to keep them coming... isn't it? After running "Sawatari," an established hot-springs inn, for many years, Moeko's mother falls ill. Now it's up to her to keep the business going. With help from Mr. Tomioka, a business consultant, she vows to work through the tough financial situation and bring the inn back to life, but the going certainly isn't smooth! She bites her lip and tries to endure the erotic demands from her guests so they'll be happy... But wait... She never meant to go that far......!!

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