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A Peaceful Dungeon Life (Current ch. 12) Comic

Hijiri, a girl who thinks socializing with other people is a waste of time, dies honorably after saving a boy... At least, she was supposed to! When she opens her eyes, she finds herself in a life of unlimited shopping and comfort!? And in exchange for this new life, Hijiri is appointed the new Dungeon Master. She decides to enjoy her afterlife by creating an "Amusement Park Dungeon!" Her life might be over, but she's not regretting anything! She's going to enjoy her afterlife as a recluse!! A comedy about a girl 21 years after her death and her efforts to create a peaceful dungeon life!


Getting Even Comic


Lola was simply nice to him on a flight, but the stranger she befriended left his huge mansion to her when he died! It's a beautiful home in St. Fiacre's Hills, known as the Beverly Hills of England. Lola attends a high-society party one day and is approached by a man with dangerous eyes named Geraint. She's thrown off by his arrogant attitude toward her, but in the next instant he's kissing her! It turns out he's her neighbor, and he harbors a secret grudge against her...



Double Identity Comic


Carina has lived a very sheltered life with her wealthy family, but that hasn't protected her from hardship entirely. She lost her fiance in a car accident, and it turns out another woman was in the car with him when it happened! Ever since, she hasn't been terribly interested in men, until one night when a famous socialite and playboy by the name of Jude approaches her. He's the third son of a wealthy Texan family and he's very handsome. Just when she's starting to think that Jude can help her break out of her shell, it becomes clear he has ulterior motives...



Dash To The Altar Comic


Dara runs away to Las Vegas to elope against her father's wishes, but she's shocked when her fiance ditches her before the wedding. Fate intervenes and she happens to meet Zane. Even though they've only just met, she can't take her eyes off him. They get carried away while drinking and somehow wind up getting married! Zane he the prince who has come to Dara's rescue?



On The Way To A Wedding... Comic


News reporter Lauren Abbot can't take her eyes off the man sitting next to her on her flight. She wonders who this handsome man with a rich, low voice might be. Their plane is beginning its descent when the engine catches fire and the aircraft crashes. Lauren starts covering the story with the camera crew that arrives and captures the moment the man falls into the lake, never to surface again. With mixed feelings, she later goes to his apartment and is shocked by what she finds...



A Hole Craving to be Touched (Current ch. 8) Comic


Souta Miyano has a secret. He's weak when it comes to being played with from behind and desires something other than his finger to satisfy his needs. One night out, he gets too drunk and a coworker comes to his aid. It's then that he accidentally exposes his secret. Little did he know, their time in the bathroom stall that night would be just the beginning of more pleasures to come.


Sweetheart Trigger 3 Comic


The 3rd installment of the hit series!
The blonde goth Cole and the mega hunk Alex have been going steady for three years. Graduating college a year earlier than Alex, Cole takes his first step into the real world.
Cole quits smoking and is determined to find a job, but this new lifestyle gets turned on its head... One little suggestion from Alex makes it painfully obvious how different their values are, and Cole starts retreating back into his shell...
What will become of the unlikely couple as they venture from being lovers to full-fledged partners...?


I Didn't Want to See You [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

AuthorMio Oimo

In his last year of high school, Ken Shibata's in a new homeroom sitting right behind the notorious bad boy Ryo Kaneko. Usually, Ken wouldn't associate with that type, but he can't help watching the rebel as Ryo reminds him of someone he used to look up to: his old little league baseball teammate Ryohei. One day, Ken catches Ryo making out with a girl under a tree. Unable to get him off his mind, Ken questions him about his past. Ryo's expression changes, and out of nowhere he starts kissing Ken...


My Little Brother Is a Naughty Beast -Our After-School Secret- [Total ch. 9] Completed Comic


Hina has a fear of men, but her dear stepbrother, Sho, is always there to protect her. He's a bit mean, but he's kind and good-looking. One day, Hina resolves to stop relying on her brother... but the balance between the two starts to crumble when his friend, Rei, makes a move on her... "I'm a man too, you know?" Sho pushes her down onto the bed, caresses her with his fingers and tongue, and thrusts deep inside her, making fierce, hot love to her... This little brother is a wild beast!


Stay by My Side (Current ch. 9) Comic

When Yura opens her eyes, she finds herself stark naked, lying next to her boss, Aoi Isshiki. It all started on her way home, when Yura declared that she didn't want to go back. No matter how much he wanted to hold back because of his position at work relative to Yura's, stirred by her words, he could no longer control his body. At work he's a strict boss, but in private he's a kind-hearted man who sweetly calls Yura by her first name! The popular story written by Miyu Inoue about a secret love with a boss who's just too perfect is now finally available in manga form!


You Can Leave If You Want -Paying the Rent with My Body- (Current ch. 15) Comic

PublisherKaikan Club

Mio goes to her landlord to negotiate her lease renewal, but the man that comes to the door, Sakuraba Koichi, has a mean look about him and looks quite well-built. Under the pressure of terrifying negotiations, Mio thinks, "If I don't pay, I'll get evicted!" Even taking drastic measures, she can't get him to budge.
"How far would you go to avoid getting kicked out?" When Koichi asks this, she begins to unzip her hoodie!! Teasing her with his fingers and tongue until her panties are soaked, she moans more and more, while Koichi keeps taking things further and pushes her over the edge! After they've fooled around, he tells her that he doesn't require a lease or rent. With a sadistic smile, he tells her that the place he's talking about... is his own apartment!


The Wolf Prince's Prey (Current ch. 16) Comic


Momoka, a sheltered college student, wasn't used to men at all. After a dating party she attended, she was almost dragged away to a love hotel by a suspicious guy, but then a princely man came to the rescue! Or... did he!? It turns out that the prince was just a wolf in sheep's clothing after all! But, everything he does feels too good for Momoka to resist!


Navy Seal Dad Comic


Rachel is at the hospital where she works when she is suddenly reunited with her ex-boyfriend, Mac. Two years ago, he suddenly gave up on their relationship and left. Rachel can't help but be as enticed by him as ever, but she knows that being a navy SEAL is his top priority and she'd always come second. But can she keep the secret about her son from him?



The Billionaire'S Bridal Bargain Comic


Elisabetta owns an island in the Aegean Sea, yet she's living a life of poverty in England due to the conditions of her great-grandfather's will. One day, Italian billionaire Cesare arrives and proposes marriage in order to get the island back for his family. Though this marriage will allow Elisabetta's family the chance to rise out of poverty, can she really marry someone for money over love? She decides to accept, unaware of how her body and soul will be shaken by Cesare's charms!



The Dangerous Lion Comic


Alice is a novice makeup artist until one day, Alex, the top commercial director in New York, selects her for a major job. Arrogant and ill-tempered, she doesn't get along with him at first. But when she sees how serious he is about his job, she becomes attracted to the kindness he shows. When they go to Hawaii on vacation, Alice becomes unable to resist his animalistic, dangerous charm, and the two cross the line.



Emergency: Wife Lost And Found Comic


After getting into a car accident, Lorna is taken to the hospital where her ex-husband, James, is a doctor. It's been ten years since she had a miscarriage and divorced him. Lorna's heart races when she sees James, who is still as gentle as before. There are still feelings lingering, but Lorna knows she has to move on. But jobless and homeless, she can't help but accept James's offer that she recover at his place. And he's ready to offer her much more than that...



The Clumsy Omega (Current ch. 10) Comic


How can this man be so clumsy and shameless!!?
An esteemed alpha is getting toyed with by this middle-aged omega!

Everyone looks up to the super elite alpha, Takamura, but he finds himself troubled by a certain someone.
The person in question is Kazuma Oda, a clumsy middle-aged man who's employed in the company he manages. What's more, he's often dragging him into all kinds of steamy accidents!

He gets pushed to the ground in the halls, and sometimes even shows up with his body drenched in water...
Is he doing it on purpose? When Takamura starts suspecting him, he finds out that Kazuma is actually a hard-working and earnest man.
He's not supposed to be interested in old men, but new and foreign feelings are starting to stir... Wait, no! He can't let that happen!
Just as he was struggling to resist, he happens upon Kazuma when he's going into heat...!


Bending the Spoon [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

AuthorAki Yukura

Tomoki Hoshiko is a troubled student who others steer clear of. Hidaka Asai, on the other hand, is the top student in the school, but his quiet bookishness hasn't made him any friends, either... After the two of them get teleported away from school by accident, Hidaka confesses that he has powers to Tomoki. Why did he tell him his secret? Maybe Hidaka is the only one who knows Tomoki's true nature... Check out this super power love story!


Let Me Make You Nice and Dirty, Mr. Glasses [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

Chiaki is a tax accountant who likes collecting glasses and playing with men.
One day, he goes to a potential new client's restaurant and meets Suda, the manager. The two hit it off once they realize they are both into spectacles, and go out for drinks.
Chiaki's bad habit of hitting on guys rears its ugly head, and Suda catches him in the act.
Surprised to learn that Chiaki likes men, Suda forces him to suck on his member until it explodes all over Chiaki's face...!
This is a love battle between a fan of giving facials and a glasses enthusiast!


Careful, Or I'll Catch You! -The Wild Playboy's Doting Embrace- [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic


Fuuka Takano works part-time at a bar. One day, when she gets caught up in a fight between customers, Kai, one of the regulars, comes to her rescue. Kai is a playboy who works as a host?not exactly Fuuka's type. But, when she invites him to her place so she can treat his wounds, he makes her allow him to stay there as her kept man until he's healed. Surprisingly, he turns out to be gentlemanly and kind as he lives in her home, and he has Fuuka's heart racing. At least, until one night when his behavior makes a complete reversal! He pushes her down and starts touching her most intimate places, getting her more than ready for action. Once the main event begins, Fuuka feels so good, she loses control! This wild playboy's doting embrace is so amazing, he has Fuuka's body and heart melting!

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