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Allergic to Love [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] [VertiComix] ( Current vol 5 ) NEW VertiComix

AuthorYoko Ito

"Come on! Touch me." Satoko is a 24-year-old woman who runs away from an isolated countryside to start a new life in a big city. One day, her mother calls her and tells her she's found Satoko a man to marry! Satoko would rather die... When her boss Taichi, an awkward guy with thick glasses, worries about her, she wonders if he would make a kind boyfriend. Satoko makes her move on him, but finds he's packing more than she can handle...!Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!


Please Let Me Be Your Sheep! ( Current vol 4 ) NEW Comic

How can this cutting-edge bedroom robot technology feel this real!!? Amiable-but-broke office worker Mr. Baba finds himself in financial trouble after ordering an expensive adult toy one drunken night. Luckily, his friend hooks him up with a lucrative part-time job as a "test subject" for "comfort" robots! Of course, he likes that kind of stuff, but what will he be doing exactly...? Upon nervously approaching the research facility, Mr. Baba meets a beautiful, bespectacled (male) researcher...


I Seriously Can't Believe You... ( Current vol 3 ) Comic

"I don't think you've realized your true nature yet." That's what Kon tells Iida, the hottest guy at school, wondering how anyone could be so proper. As popular as he is, Iida doesn't seem interested in any of the girls who come after him. Kon and his buddies try to look into the matter by flipping a coin and having Kon approach him with his confession of love, just to see if he's really interested in guys. "I've... never looked at guys like that..." says Iida, falling for Kon's ruse. Kon takes him home, hoping to straighten out the misunderstanding, when Iida suddenly grabs him by the shoulder, and... A story about a mysterious hottie at school and a prince of a certain kind.


Lovestruck in High School ( Current vol 3 ) Comic


"I've always dreamed of falling in love at an all-boys school!!" Right when Hinata finally gets accepted to a boys' school, his dad gets transferred overseas and Hinata's sent to live with a family friend. A little nervous, he heads to the address, only to find a guy who's just his type waiting at the door! A lovestruck Hinata forgets all his worries in an instant. Excited, Hinata starts fantasizing about all the ways things might go, getting very turned on. He can't help touching himself, and gets caught red-handed by the guy of his dreams! What will become of his life as a strapping young schoolboy!!?


Too Bad... It's Your Fate! [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

One day, nightclub host and womanizer Yuto Izumi is suddenly kidnapped by men in black suits. They question him about seducing the fiancee of a certain heir to a business empire and reprimand him for breaking up the engagement... But the heir in question turns out to be Kaname Mikoshiba, a classmate from high school!! Kaname has a proposition for his old friend Yuto. He's willing to forgive him on the condition that he become Kaname's possession. Yuto is confused, and he doesn't know what to think - until he's taken to the Mikoshiba estate where Kaname professes his love to him, gets on top of him, and...!! Don't miss this exciting rom-com!


He's a Girl (For the Sake of Convenience) [ Total vol 7 ] Completed Comic


Fuji, who's gay, does his best so that one day he can make love to a girl. But, he's unable to do it and his girlfriend dumps him. The next day, he goes to his school club reunion, where he's reunited with his first love and first boyfriend, Kana... Come morning, he wakes up to find Kana sleeping next to him in his ex-girlfriend's lingerie! A romance about a guy who's fighting his own sexuality.


Stained with Snow White's Poison [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

AuthorShip Hita

There's a strikingly beautiful student in Takumi's seminar class: Yukiya Mimori, one of the famously beautiful fraternal Mimori twins. When Takumi ends up as Yukiya's partner for their research presentation and tries speaking to him, he discovers that Yukiya is unexpectedly easy to talk to. Takumi finds himself caring about Yukiya and wanting to close the distance between them. However, Takumi can't help but feel uneasy when Yukiya, cheeks flushing, casually talks about his over-possessive crush...


Moobstretch -Stretch Session Obsession- [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic


Yutaka's really insecure about being pigeon-chested, so he decides to go to a stretch gym his colleague recommends. He tells himself this is for his health, so he can keep eating sugary sweets, and to get rid of his pigeon chest once and for all! A motivated Yutaka goes to the gym and finds himself in front of the super buff stretch trainer Asami who's going to teach him how to stretch... except Asami morphs into a different person as soon as he sees and touches Yutaka's chest!! Apparently, Asami is gay and has a fetish for men's chests, and Yutaka's is the best!! Asami totally exploits his position as a trainer and helps himself to Yutaka's perfect chest...!! Your sexual boundaries are bound to be stretched with this cute, fetish-driven romantic comedy!


My Love [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

Homare is a buyer of family-friendly products who loses a potential client when they hear a rumor he's gay. Feeling frustrated, he stops by a bar on his way home and meets an attractive man named Junpei. Taking a seat next to Junpei at the counter, Homare starts to talk about work and confesses that he's gay. Not only is he accepted warmly, but he discovers that Junpei is also gay... but both of them have a deep fear of emotional commitment. As they grow closer to one another, will fear get in the way of finding true happiness in love? This is a tender and sensual story of how to give love and how to be loved in return.


My Sweet Empty Heart [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

Porn star Haruma is giving relationship advice to his straight "friend," Makito, who works at his other job at a restaurant. One day, Makito finds a porn video that might be starring the girl he's got a crush on...! While Makito is in despair, Haruma encourages him to watch the video together to check if she actually IS Makito's crush. The inexperienced Makito gets hard watching the video even as he struggles with some mixed emotions! A love story that shows the growth of a pure, innocent virginal boy and a gay porn star who he has inadvertently wrapped around his finger!


Unrequited Love, Unexpected Love Comic

Kamoshida - a born sadist - VS the convenience store manager - a reluctant masochist. A love drama between two opposites. There's a part-time worker at my store who won't leave me alone! Apparently, he finds "that look" on my face "irresistible". What's that supposed to mean!? Also included are a rom-com about superheroes protecting their town, a sweet love story about two boys in a dorm, and more!


Teacher, Teacher! Comic


Yuge is an English teacher who lived abroad when he was younger. He happens to meet his coworker, Yoshii, in town, and falls in love at first sight! Thanks to Yuge's persistence, they're now going out. However, Yoshii's little brother, Yuu, is always getting in their way. To make matters worse, Kamishiro, an old acquaintance from college, is also keeping them busy. On top of that, Yoshii gets the wrong idea about Yuge's relationship with Kamishiro!! Then Yuge receives a meaningful text message with a video from Yoshii, who appears to be in a hotel with another man. Is this the end for Yuge...!? This volume also contains a story about the adult love life of two lawyers. This is the first volume of Mutsu's manga, filled with teachers and other highly skilled professionals!


Pretty Guys Comic

Junnosuke, the most popular guy at an all-boys boarding school, a place brimming with pent-up desire, falls for the dorm supervisor, Yayoi. While handsome, Yayoi is a huge fan of cute things and is extremely effeminate. With love rivals appearing one after another, will Junnosuke's first love ever work out!?


Lovers for Life Comic


My calm, collected and handsome boyfriend, Kazuya, loves his job selling furniture more than me. But all I want to do is shower him with love! I want us to become even closer! I want to touch him! I want to connect with him!! ...Are my feelings one-sided!? Tetsuo Hayashibara works in a hair salon above the furniture shop that employs his beloved boyfriend, Kazuya Tachibana... But there's trouble in paradise. Kazuya seems to like his job more than anything else and Tetsu's too afraid to take their relationship to the next level... What's going to happen to the two of them!? In addition to Kazuya and Tetsu's romance, this volume features four other comics, including a story about a debt collector who falls in love with a crossdressing young man, a bittersweet love triangle featuring Tetsu's boss and a tale of identical twins.


A Miniature-Garden Romance Comic

AuthorNatsuo Ito

His wish was to create a work like "he" makes. Living in the dorm at a vocational school for arts and crafts, Masataka has been struggling with his project to produce a "miniature-garden romance". Stuck in a rut, he can't stop thinking about the work of Hiromi Kunitachi, his roommate. Geometrical yet full of emotion, Hiromi's art has enormous appeal to Masataka, along with the strong will that lies behind the nonchalant yet mysterious eyes of his fascinating roommate. In addition to the title work "A Miniature-garden Romance", this book contains four other tales, including "The Teacher's Botany" and "Behind the Magic", which provide the reader with a glimpse into the world of poetry that only this unique author can create.


Buried in Flowers [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic


Sanae is a sweet and kind young schoolboy, although he gives the impression of being a troublemaker which leads to many problems. This side of Sanae causes the school doctor to worry about him. With his support, Sanae is slowly able to communicate well with the people around him. Without realising, Sanae develops feelings for the school doctor, who is getting married soon...... It's a student's monomaniacal fantasy.


The Proof Is in the Tail [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

A mutt named Black falls in love with a Japanese spitz named Blanc in a dog cafe! Despite being of different pedigree and both male dogs, Black persists with his love attack towards Blanc...... It's a heartwarming story about humanized dogs!


Magical Youth Nishida Comic

AuthorKei Mitaka

"Mohoo Momohoo Ho (incantation)! O, skirt! I order thee to disappear!" One day, I wake up next to a creepy stranger who crawled into my bed... The guy, Nishida Ken'ichi, claims to be a wizard. "I came here to teach you magic, Takeshi!". Who'd believe something like that!? He makes me wear skirts and strips me naked with his magic... And yet, we somehow end up living together after he moves me with his enthusiasm. A handsome pervert and a good-natured teacher meet in this crazy romantic comedy...!


There Is an Order to Love! Comic

AuthorSho Egami

"Could you please... Wait a bit longer... For this month's... Rent?" Sei finally musters enough courage to ask his landlord for a favor and his answer is YES. However, in return, he asks Sei to pretend to be his boyfriend to stop his parents' matchmaking plans. Tempted by the promise of free rent, Sei agrees... Under one condition: there will be no random kissing!!


First Love Chronicles Comic

Hajime Mochizuki, the son of a renowed politician, and his tutor, Yuuji Sayama, are two strangers living under the same roof. At first, Yuuji thought that taking care of the rebellious Hajime would be nothing but trouble... But after spending time with him he begins to understand the sadness and loneliness Hajime struggles with every day. As days pass by, Yuuji realizes that he wants to support and protect him more than anything else in this world. This three-part story portrays their struggle against reality and their feelings... The other stories feature Benkei and Ushiwakamaru's first meeting and adventures, as well as a moving romance between a master and a servant, set in the scenic English countryside.

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