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His High Heels at Midnight [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

AuthorHaruo Suso

"Do nasty stuff with me. Once a week would be fine." On a whim, Ryotaro offers Wataru a deal in hopes of staying connected to him... In his apartment, Ryotaro runs his tongue over Wataru's feet, shins, and knees... He then starts sucking on the struggling Wataru's toes... One day, after being coerced into going to a bar with crossdressing men, budding photographer Ryotaro is knocked back by a staff member in familiar red high-heels. His teenage years flash before his eyes. The carnal desires he once had for the owner of those heels, Wataru, take control... A photographer with a thing for feet and a cross-dressing single father fumble their way through sweet love.

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