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The Bedroom Incident Comic


Kristin, an editor, landed an interview for her dream job at a prestigious newspaper, and it was scheduled to take place at the paper owner's castle! She was excited about the opportunity right up until she met the editor in chief, Matthew. Lo and behold, the two had had an encounter ten years earlier! In her mind she was suddenly eighteen again and working as a model. That was when a nude photo of her was taken and printed in the paper without her permission. When she found the man responsible dining at a restaurant, she'd thrown the contents of a glass of water at him. And that same man stood in front of her now!



The Boss's Convenient Bride Comic


Secretary Claire Dalgliesh was stunned by her boss Nicholas Monroe's words: "You're going to marry me." It sounded almost like a proposal from the man of her dreams, but of course it was only an order from Nicholas, who was utterly disgusted by all the women trying to flirt with him. He was a man who declared that love was unnecessary and that this marriage would be nothing more than another practical arrangement for him. Claire couldn't accept a marriage without love, but she risked losing her job if she refused...and she couldn't afford to lose her job!


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