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The Tycoon's Dating Deal Comic


Kara's friend, who runs a matchmaking site, pleads with her to attend a speed-dating party. At the event, she reunites with a man she never imagined she'd see there... Matthew! Matthew was Kara's first love, the man who coolly turned her down nine years earlier. As a successful lawyer, he should be able to get any woman he wants, so why attend the party? Confused and swept up by the energy of this man who hasn't changed one bit, Kara finds herself being chosen as his match!



A Honeyed Seduction Comic


Chelsea was troubled by her boss's efforts to force her into a relationship. She couldn't find a diplomatic way to rebuff him, and she ended up going with him to a party held by Ryder-Gem, a jewelry company and one of their clients. When she saw Quinn, a man who lived in the same building as her, at the party, she came up with a bright idea. Quinn was known as a playboy, but she would make him pretend to be her fiance, just for now! However, Quinn got carried away with the role and announced their fake engagement in grand style. The next day, Chelsea's world was turned upside down by a newspaper article announcing their engagement. Quinn was actually Ryder-Gem's CEO!



Bachelor Boss Comic


Madalyn, an unemployed single mother, encounters Philip at a job interview-an interview, it turns out, with the CEO himself! She'd prepared herself for an inevitable rejection, but upon seeing her resume, he hires her as his secretary. Philip has the face of a prince, but he's a demon when it comes to work. Yet seeing Madalyn work so earnestly for the sake of her child makes Philip concerned about her somehow. Madalyn's heart is swayed not just by his gorgeous looks but by Philip's kindness, as well. So what will happen when she learns about the real reason Philip hired her...


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