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Deflowered Maiden, Dripping Bud Comic

He plays with me like one of his flowers, even though all the other students are right nearby... or so I fantasize every day. I am in love with my flower arrangement teacher, Mr. Koyo. I met him because of my name, Yuri, which means Lily, and I started going to his classes. When I see his sexy hands arranging flowers, I can't help fantasizing about what those hands could do to me! Right as I was thinking about wanting to become his flower, he whispered to me... "Please come to my room after class." He's seducing me, isn't he!? I went to his room, and we sat on the same sofa... What was his reason for inviting me......!?


Virgin X Maid Fetish -Threaten Me, Please Me- Comic

If I don't beg and call him "Master," Yamamoto won't touch my nipples or pussy. But, I'm dripping wet down there and want him to put his dick in me right now....! Chika is known by her friends as the "sex master," but she's actually a virgin who's been faking her sexual expertise to her friends by using information she got online. Since she doesn't want to keep lying to her friends anymore, she decides to become a real sex master and searches for someone to sleep with her. That's when she sets her sights on Yamamoto, a popular guy in her class, but he has a secret fetish......! This is an erotic heart-throbbing story written by Michiko Murakami about a girl who can't be honest with herself!! This manga also includes "Luscious Lingerie: Tight Thongs and Love Juice," which is a story about a girl who wears see-through lingerie and dives into bed to tempt her boyfriend!!


VIP-Only One-Day Bus Trip Comic


As part of the company rules, the main character has to take a bus tour with her good-looking boss. As soon as they leave, though, she starts to hear strange moans throughout the bus...!? It seems they're on an "Erotic Bus Tour". The atmosphere starts getting hot... she and her boss get closer... What's going to happen...!? Moreover, the boss she thought was good-looking turns out to be really sadistic! Will she be able to make it through the tour...?

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