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An S&M Relationship Comic


I'm Yuma, an ordinary girl who wants an ordinary love!But, my boyfriend Shima is into some weird stuff and I don't know what to do... In addition to the title work, this volume includes many cute and slightly bitter stories with the unique touch of the author!!


My First Maid Roleplay Comic


"Master. I'm... at your service." "The first time is embarrassing... Even though I wish he'd initiate it, he doesn't. And I just can't bring myself to beg..." Those are Asako's thoughts when Yagi makes her dress up as a maid. Will Asako experience her first time in this extreme situation that doesn't allow her to refuse any order!!?


Unrequited Love, Unexpected Love Comic

Kamoshida - a born sadist - VS the convenience store manager - a reluctant masochist. A love drama between two opposites. There's a part-time worker at my store who won't leave me alone! Apparently, he finds "that look" on my face "irresistible". What's that supposed to mean!? Also included are a rom-com about superheroes protecting their town, a sweet love story about two boys in a dorm, and more!

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