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Me, My Boyfriend and His Brother: The Dangerous Bedroom Comic

"I get to date the guy of my dreams, and now we're heading to his room for the first time. Things are going smoothly, and we're going to have sex for the first time... Or, so I thought. His older brother just came home, and......!" A forbidden love-triangle with two brothers! Sex with her boyfriend on a rooftop under the clear blue sky!! Private lessons with a tutor that she can't tell mom about! The great technique of an older guy who makes her a slave to lust! Making love with the teacher who was her first crush! Embarrassing yet thrilling outdoor sexual experiences! A comic chock-full of stories based on real, daring and sexy experiences!!


The Dangerous Seduction of the Pheromone Prince Comic

One night, while walking around the dangerous city streets, Haruka Uchida is saved by her classmate, Nobuhiro Takumi. Often absent from class, he's considered mature for his age. Not only has he been seen walking around with housewives, there are rumors he's a gigolo. Considering they're from two different worlds, Haruka's never known how to act around him. But after that night, they become friends (?) and she even falls for him......! Risky love with a classmate; an admission of betrayal during a long-distance relationship; a forbidden relationship between a teacher and student; a reunion with one's first love,and more! This is the third collection of stories based on girls' real-life experiences!!


Sweet Fingertips Comic

My boyfriend is a hot stylist, but he never has time for me. I'm getting sexually frustrated! So when I visited him at his salon and felt his hands on me, it was all too much! Read about this and all our other real-life love stories! Sex in public! What if somebody sees us? That would be hot! Or a rendezvous in the office, a hot run-in on the street, even a secret love affair with a teacher, and more! This second collection of true stories of love and sex is hotter than ever!!

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