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Underwater Flower of Love: Senior Courtesan Shikun Comic


Death by euthanasia if she doesn't find a man to buy her freedom by the age of 24!? A dramatic love story about a high-class courtesan in modern times!


Miniature Garden of Pleasure Comic

My name's Akari. I've become a live-in prostitute to pay off my parents' debt. Living in the large mansion are Miyabi - cheerful, nice and as beautiful as an angel - and the cold-hearted Seiichi. The three of us have sex together, and my body is opened to carnal pleasures. My mouth takes in Seiichi, my vagina Miyabi, and day after day I drown in pure and simple pleasure. "No studying." "All you can do is play." "We always have a three-way." ......I hate myself for having to follow Miyabi's strange rules...... That's when Seiichi gives me an e-reader device...... As our hearts slowly begin to connect, Miyabi's sadistic side reveals itself...... "This is punishment. You're both just my toys." I continue having sex with these two men. What will become of me!?


A Wet Flower in a Lost Paradise [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

I fell for the guy who exposed my lewd, true nature as I gave my virginity to him, but then he...... My name's Eya. I'm the daughter of a hospital director and was living a life of luxury. Then I met and was charmed by a gentlemen with a coldhearted nature, which led to us having a lot of sex in my room. My virgin heart and body were trained in the ways of indecency...... I thought this new sensuality and happiness would last forever... And then one day later, my father killed himself after a malpractice scandal was made public... and the person who leaked the information was none other than the man I loved......! Penniless and with no place to go, I was forced to become a butterfly of pleasure at a despicable sex shop... I despise the guy who took everything from me......!! Someday, no matter what, I'll kill him......!! Love, betrayal, loneliness, and despair...... A raunchy story of revenge begins......

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