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TheBetterStory Rating
What a fantastic story.Let me start by saying I'm a fan of Kanako Meiji's other trilogy, Son of the Mimura Family. It was a bit of a hot mess, but it had excellent characters and a plot that went beyond what you'd normally find in a BL. This series keeps those qualities, but unlike Son of the Mimura Family, The Sorcerer on the Hill is tightly-written from start to finish. There's enough plot and unique, high-fantasy world-building to fill out a much longer series, but it never feels cluttered or rushed, and even the additional exposition the author sometimes adds to the title pages is fascinating and relevant.The art might put some people off, but the sketchy, hand-drawn style suits the story perfectly and it's hard to imagine it looking any other way. The detailed backgrounds and full-page spreads can be really quite beautiful. The main romance (I won't spoil between who) is a sweet, slowburn affair between two star-crossed lovers, woven together seamlessly with politics, magic and well-earned tragedy. The translation is seamless. My sole complaint is that the ending felt like it came too quickly
eesyyyy Rating
One of the best story I read in a long while. Its heartwarming, sad, funny, all mixed in one bag. The world building is top notch. The pace is incredible and I got so hooked up on reading to the point I got so sad when it all ends. Now this is not your regular BL or yaoi. Its just a really good story that have BL elements / romance in it. I felt so many strong emotions reading it. The art improved a lot over time. The sketchiness actually makes it a really fitting style and fits the atmosphere. Dont let it stray you away from such a good story. However if you are only looking for a fun light read with hot smex, this is not it. Still, why not give it a try? :)
torose Rating
I'd have to agree with the other reviews on this manga. Spectacular world building, and more plot driven than the most in the BL genre. There were no details or panels were a waste to solidify the characterization and plot. As for some warnings, there is suggestive violent themes, even within the first volume, among other heavy subjects. I won't say I really condone this type of content, but I do understand that the author did not glorify the subject matter and used it to drive the plot. So looking to try out this series? I'd say sure! ...If (1) you're okay with darker/graphic themes (2) enjoy the haggard but beautiful older guy takes care of his adopted son (purely platonic) trope (3) bittersweet fantasy romance
ShintawmWD Rating
I've read some books from the author. Like mimurako sons and bus from hell. I love both of them but thoose are in pale comparasion with "sorcerer on hill". By far this is my most favourite book by meiji kanako, and it has near zero sex scene (something rare if you read her other works).I love the world building, the characters - their love relationship, the dynamic between chatacter and gloomy aura of her artwork fits well with this kind of story/world. I wish this book will be more popular because it has the potential.
Ememchan8 Rating
One of the best heartfelt BL-fantasy manga I've ever read.
CountSpatula Rating
I have to agree with everyone else in that the worldbuilding is incredible! I found myself getting lost in the world and forgetting that this was technically a BL novel which is fine! The plot is definitely a slow burn but it works well here because it allows you to see the true depth of the characters and Master Lee is deeeeepppppp. A very worthwhile read for those who want a full on story and pretty much no smut. Without giving away spoilers it does touch on a lot of social issues too and identity/self which I found refreshing in a BL novel. Highly recommend!
TwilightWanderer Rating
It's very different from any sort of bl I've read before. I really liked it, the story was well thought out I felt.
Jujumelrose Rating
I really enjoyed this manga! The art has a more dark theme to it which I don't usually enjoy but in regards to the storyline and overall setting of the manga the artsyle makes everything so much better! The characters design are also charming and I would also like to meet Someone who could wield magic!
yotsuba Rating
This is a wonderful trilogy and I am so happy to find such an old series available here on Renta! The drawing style is both minimalistic and simple but fits the story and its characters quite well.The story is slow paced and the characters well developed. Especially Rabel and Master Lee have such a unique relationship that is unfolding its several layers via flashbacks. I also love the idea of the little helpers and them reflecting the personality of theirs masters.The ending is bittersweet and I wish there were more extra chapters to give more insight on how different characters have continued their lives.
zoeiX Rating
omg!!! This is such a great story - i love it!!! At first it was daunting and sad.... the ending was good, really good!!! I wish there are more stories like this, stories you can relate more to reality... and not just wham bam sex then happily ever after. Hahahahaha.
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