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Xezatanor Rating
I don't usually mind hot steamy scenes but this one was a so so for me. The love and the steamy parts where not really a good mesh in some areas but otherwise it was a very good read.
Nyanko Rating
This didn't hit the mark for me. While the art is adequate, the stories were not. A lot of tales in this genre gloss over the initial attraction between characters, but here the characters go from zero to love to naked (with a few exceptions) so they end up cardboard-y. The stories contain a lot of smut, but the characters are so bland that there's zero steam, which is the main reason I read TL manga. The sheer volume of sex is impressive, but the lack of chemistry between couples made it so boring I ended up clicking through in the vain hope to find redeeming qualities somewhere in this anthology. I'd say this collection ranks at about 1.5 stars, with the half star given because none of the stories entered into degradation or abuse. Not recommended.
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