User Reviews For: Hey, Your Ears and Tail Are Showing! -The Zodiac Signs Go to High School-


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Natsuki Rating
Honestly, the most unique storyline and character line-up I've ever seen in a manga. It turned out to be a compilation of cooperative one shots but had just enough character development that it didn't leave you totally unsatisfied. The price is low so it doesn't break the bank and the art is decent. All in all, it was really great & I'd love to see more like it.
MioAkiyama Rating
if you're looking for something fun and light to read. I totally recommend you this. You'll see 12 zodiacs 1 cat and a human as they learn the path to socializing with one another and learn the meaning of coexisting. Really cute!!!
Catjack Rating
Loved this manga. All the zodiacs were so funny and cute you won't regret this buy, totally worth it. I just wish there was more to each characters story but if you want a fluffy quick read definitely go for it.
sereneione Rating
This is a hilarious read, and it's got everything, from fluff to threesomes. Definitely worth buying.
Moon Rating
I loved the Manga for it's art style and how it shows the character relationships with each other. My favourite chapter was with the tiger zodiac. Sooo cute!!!
Risuna Rating
This is a wonderful compilation of one-shots that develope the characters & their relationships enough to not leave you hanging. It's funny & sexy, it'll have you squealing & smiling. It has something that suits everyone & I really hope more people read it.
angelicsakura Rating
I loved the story for each zodiac and I loved the story of the Tiger and Cat! I'm sad that it ended but happy everyone was able to find someone to love!
YokaiAkito Rating
This manga is so cute! The artwork is very adorable, and features lots of cute characters. The story is very fluffy, and there is a happy ending for all of the characters! I highly recommend this for anyone wanting something fun and heartwarming!
Gingerbread Rating
Was very cute and very sexy. Wish there was more to the dragon part. :)
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