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Yahiko03 Rating
I can't believe i wasted my $4 on this. Every story was not that good. It really isn't worth it for me sorry
Xezatanor Rating
Really good I love the whole student thinks she can out play her older wiser teacher. Now warning if you do love student-teacher relationships then this is a great pick for you. The story is good and worth a look at! ^_^
The1alexkitty Rating
Title is majorly misleading! Says sadism, but it's just a bunch of romance with no particular sadistic action at ALL! So if you're here, like I was, for a dominant woman, you're looking at the wrong book. Still the stories were good, but not up to expectation as far as a sadistic woman I was looking for
momojinxie Rating
This first story is particularly good I like the dynamic between the leads and the art is nice, there's something about the art style that makes it playful and sexy
cfang Rating
Art is cute. I really enjoyed the multiple stories and it does get a bit steamy so wipe those glasses.
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