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Jo Rating
I absolutely ADORE The Stranger by the Beach!! Kanna Kii's art style is visually stunning and the mellow story is a breath of fresh air compared to other BLs I've read. This is definitely a good read for anyone that wants something lighthearted and mostly story-driven at a relatively slow pace. I completely sympathise with Shun as unemployment and lack of a supportive family really test your self-worth; it's calming and almost too realistic. For those who want something more intense and romantic, this probably isn't the best choice to go for though.
morteamoureuse Rating
This story is cute and different from most of the smutty yaoi out there. There is a lot of tenderness as it portrays a relationship in its beginnings. It was sweet and my only complaint is that I was left wanting to see more of this couple's story.
caporushes Rating
This story is one of my favorites. It's sweet and honest, with two charming leads. Not to mention Kanna Kii's art! I love her delicate lines and crowded details that really ground both of the characters in the story. Mio and Shun are well-developed and feel solid and real. If you're in the mood for a sweet love story, this is for you!
megg Rating
It's a cute simple story. In some way or another you will feel a connection to these characters. And the artwork is very beautiful. I highly recommend it.
Shiichan Rating
We definitely need more this kind of yaoi! No sexual violence or rushed plot, just pure emotions between these young men. Hope we can see more Kanna Kii sensei's art work on this site soon.
seresia Rating
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