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ImmortalRosie86 Rating
There's two stories: the first one of magical Gentle Ruby is a bit strange, especially on the last (milk fetish?); overall pretty hilarious plot! Though, don't expect too much of a satisfied ending there. The second story is what I REALLY ENJOYED (and I am not a fan of werewolves), cute love story and a bit of ~OH MY~! Worth the read and I liked the artwork!!
canadiana Rating
1st story makes up 1/5 of the volumes - I would say both stories are fairly intense despite the cutesy description. Interesting to read, not sure I'd recommend if these genres aren't your faves.
CrypticMystic Rating
The cover story only takes up about a third of the volume, whereas the rest is all one volume about a man who takes in a young adult werewolf that falls in love with him (and his scent). If you're planing on readig it, best to do it now while it's still on sale. (Read this 8/19/2020)
YaoiPrince Rating
It was fun but the first couples story wasnt wrapped up before it turned into a story about a werewolf and a guy. Wish the first story was finished
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