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Mymomsname1 Rating
Man oh man does this make me want to move out and be with a hot man. This makes you want to live in the manga and create things in your own way. It's a little journey making you go "oooh oooh this has to happen omg" and you're bitting your nails and lips and your heart is beating fast waiting for the next moment and then BAM plot twist. At that point the whole jittery feeling starts all over again.
nanikore Rating
Mangas with adorable babies are the best!
Marie Rating
What a sweet story with great emotions *.* I also love that it's fully coloured<3 I have a baby on my own and his daddy is also such a cutie, i'm falling in love with them both over and over again so the lovely daily life of Ai, Tokio and Rio is reminding my heart alot of what i love about family<3
mlxiong10 Rating
This is a really great read. The way the characters are developing right in front of you is sweet. Would totally recommend!!
Guest Rating
I need more volumes in my life!! It's too cute!!
Lovlayne91 Rating
Love it!! So cute!!!!
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