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ChikaneNoMiko07 Rating
This is very sad and emotional, it's about two best friends fighting because an accident happens and misunderstandings cause a rift in their friendship. I really loved the story, I was so happy they finally reconciled but I felt the author rushed the ending and unfortunately gave us no relief after everything happened. A small kiss, and absolutely no sweet love to make up for so much sadness. I feel this could have had a better ending.
yanderezaf Rating
hiromu is a bit drama queen lol. he needs someone to knock some sense into his head. maybe because he doesn't understand his own feelings so it's okay, i'll forgive him.
belovedless Rating
This is one of my favorite stories. I love how it focuses on basketball and friendship as a means of building up the romance. The dialogue style took a moment to get into wnd and I would have enjoyed some more kisses, but this is a great one regardless!
spadina Rating
Finally I found a shonen ai in this site. Sweet with some angst, no sex scenes, but sadly it's rated r18 (dunno why). Why don't you tag shonen ai for distinguish?
Eternity Rating
Cool intro to the story:) Seems like it'll b a good read!
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