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WindyWing15 Rating
After reading the description my instant thought was "Whoa! Sounds spicy!" And after reading it, I can confirm that it is spicy hahaha! I didn't only come here for the manga description though. I was very intrigued that Yukari Nagatsuki, who has mainly worked in yaoi illustration covers, now created her first debut manga! I felt so excited and proud of her. I always had a fond appreciation for yaoi cover illustrations throughout the times, so to hear a cover artist finally getting a shot at creating their own title sounded awesome and I had a feeling it had to be good, even for a first time because I'm aware that full on illustrations take a lot of work, thought, and detail, especially with the focus of making it look its best visually. With that thought in mind, naturally I wanted to see the inner workings of this artist's mind when the time has finally come to create her own story. And I have to say, I was not disappointed in the least bit. For a debut manga, this was a fun, spectacular, and very hot read. I very much loved the idea of a cool and collected uke exposing his more sensual side to the observant and witty seme. But if there are things that I must critique, it's that some parts in the manga didn't make sense or the progression of relationships moved way too fast! I love hot scenes and all, but some parts of the story jumped so quickly, that I often had the question "How did this happen?". There needs to be more clarity, communication, and development both in story and characters. Aside from that, this is a great debut manga! I won't go as far as rating 5 stars though because it obviously needs work, but overall I loved it. I hope Yukari shares more stories because I so love her mind and her ideas. From the characters' personalities to how the sexual scenes were drawn to the story's concept... This artist has high potential! I am cheering her on in future works!
plottwist Rating
This one cracked me up, short and simple but cute and funny as well.
SarcasticIrony Rating
This was.... meh. The art was good, but the plot was written like a bad porno and I'm not sure if it was meant to be like that. The writing was boring, the plot was contrite, and the smut wasn't good enough to save it.
kittycats Rating
It was okay. I love the way sensei draws nipples and the uke was cute but... The story and pacing was rushed (well it is only 35 pages) and the art was also inconsistent and seemingly rushed at times. I wish the characters' feelings were developed more. This ended up being one of those light, brainless pleasure reads.
Kyuchan Rating
Good one-shot. Had little basic problems that one-shots usually have (too fast progress in story) and I wished it had been more spicy.
JudithRogers Rating
I expected something different
SoftMuffins Rating
It was really good! 4.5 皚
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