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Anihime Rating
Having read this story a few times, enough to have it permanently in my library, I have to say that this story is wonderful. Both main leads have gone through emotional hardship though their struggles and how they overcame them are vastly different.The guy is a cancer patient survivor who struggles with the fact he may not be able to have children. The girl had not only lost a mother but found out through her mother's will the truth behind her conception. Both meet at a bar and connect instantly, resulting in a one night stand that led to the girl getting pregnant. I get why she was apprehensive about involving the father in her daughter's life, she feels betrayed that he left her after the night they shared and doesn't want the possibility of getting hurt again. On the other hand, he feels equally betrayed yet doesn't understand what it means to truly love until the end.I recommend renting it first. Decide for yourself if it's worth the read or not. I sure did. :)
Weeb4Life Rating
This is the first HQ story where I hate the girl instead of the guy. She's such a selfish, despicable, hypocritical, self-obsessed b**ch! She has a one-night-stand with a guy whose name she doesn't want to know, ends up pregnant, two years later when she happens to meet him again by chance, she acts cold to him and tries to avoid him and hide HIS daughter from him, then when he finds out, she tries to stop him from having any involvement in his child's life. She also keeps assuming the absolute worst of him, despite having no proof, and acts on those assumptions in the most selfish, hypocritical way possible. And this poor man has grown up being completely ignored and unloved by his parents, fought and survived cancer, faced the possibility of having his leg amputated and being sterile as a result, and lost his fianc辿e. And yet he still acts kind, courteous and patient towards the b**ch trying to keep his miracle child away from him! The fact they end up together is infuriating.
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