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idgal Rating
I really dislike this book. It is all what gives yaoi a bad name. 2 sets of stories, 1st story is the pushy rapey gay who is forceful with the straight guy who def is not into him. They have no chemistry and it ends in a unsatisfactory ambiguous end. 2nd story is a fake triangle with a cheating seme. I hated the cheater and most so the forgiving uke. I really regret getting this book. It was nothing special and everything i do not want in a yaoi (aggressive seme and cheating seme)2 stars for art as it was decent.
malcosky Rating
Well the first story wasn't that bad based on the previous review because the uke did like the seme in end plus if he really hated the seme from the start he should have deleted the video from the seme's phone but he didn't.The second story was also not bad the seme did apologized for cheating; which is an act actually to find out if the uke is really loves him or not.I don't know about others, but overall I like it.
Renta74 Rating
Two cute BL stories. Funny characters, with slapstick, and plenty of sexy play. It's not for middle school children, or people who use fictional stories as a reference for life decisions.
mieikaz Rating
Suprisingly, I like reading this manga. Well, the first story's may seems 'forced' to some readers but hey, this is just a manga. I'm sure there's lots out there way too 'extreme' than this. Thank you for picking up this one.
Ayranm Rating
I really disliked this story, this website should be more selective regarding the content. It was pure rape story at work. Leaving this website.
fionav3 Rating
Okay, so I know the first seme is a rapist and the second one is a cheater, but I still actually liked this manga? Possibly because I liked the uke in the first manga so much - he was so ballsy, and so pretty (and seriously, what is with that BL thing of the seme being so hot/handsome/good looking, when the uke is actually drawn way prettier?). Also, the art was gorgeous in both mangas.
Jiana Rating
I love the second story involving the host.
yaoi415 Rating
The first sorry was awesome! The second story, not so much. I would have loved it if the second story guy got with the black haired fella but hey, stories that start with the main couple already together is always a snooze-fest for me so this review might only apply to me and people like me. I recommend reading it to decide for yourself.
morteamoureuse Rating
Just a fun read. I preferred the last story, the first one is just the typical rapey stuff and didn't make much sense.
PennyDreadful Rating
Adorable. I liked both stories, and there was some good smuttiness to it as well. I wish I got a little more of the first story, but the smut and the art makes up for it.
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