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Pinkbun17 Rating
Pretty good story line. I can't wait until the next one.
bunniefufu Rating
If you like a gender bender kind of story, this is the one. Story is intresting and the character developement is good. The artwork is amazing!Smutty scenes are really good too ^^I consider this a must read on my list.
Strick Rating
I surprisingly enjoyed this! Girl falls for band guitarist, he falls for her, they separate from miscomunication and jealousy, he goes on tour, she moves on and gets another older guy (who I actually was rooting for) only to sadly break it off from him to try and find guitarist guy again...I didn't think I'd like this since it implied he fell for the cross dressing her, but no, that was never an issue. And also the 2nd love affair she had, I hate more than one guy as the love interest but here it totally worked. All characters were strong and artwork was good, guys weren't as handsome as they shoulda been but it was ok. I really recommend this one. The older guy break up was quite sad too...
PassionDevourer Rating
Though I'm a little disappointed with who she ultimately chose, it was clear that was the path this story was taking the entire time. Beautifully written, lots of nice emotions, and I love how the protagonist decided to be herself before the "liar reveal" route fell into place. I'm glad I finished it to the end.
Tolamite Rating
This was cute & fun little read.
gerald2019 Rating
Omg I loved this! The story was well paced and I thought it was a refreshing take on the indecisiveness of love- it really don't intip the nuances the heroine felt with. Totally worth!
littlevixen Rating
I liked it, it was true to real life but the main couple was a mess and it was hard to like them. In the end it worked out but this story it's only really sweet because it had desserts.
yotface Rating
Enjoying this series. I read one chapter and before I knew it I
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