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Rachel Adams Rating
Nope. This is awful. She has a serious eating problem and he's part enabler/part ignoring the problem. If she ate and then needed to eat straight away i would at least book her in with a doctor, if not a psychologist. I'd suspect a tapeworm at least. Not interesting at all, as the guy basically abuses the girl for his own benefit. Just yucky!
soulfire524 Rating
I thought it was sweet in some ways, there were cheesy bits, but even as her outer appearance changed his love for her didn't. He continued to love her when she lost weight, so its wasn't just a fetish, and when she put on weight.
BlueCherry Rating
If you can be understandable then this story is right for you. In my view I believe this is such a cute and sweet story. He loved no matter how she looked but he didn't like the fact she didn't. He wanted to show her how beautiful she yet he is quite jealous of others that tare nice to her. For others this may seem like he is an enabler for her but they probably don't try to understand the story as a whole not to be rude. He just really loves and she isn't that big, she is just the right amount of chubby. She is cute and cuddly and he is crazy for her. I gave it a 4 because the last where he ask for sex in exchange before she realizes her feelings was kinda uncool but he did it so that no one would have her, he wants her to be all his. Also she consented so there is no rape. Loved it, a short enjoyable story. If you are understandable then this story is for you. Glad I bought it.
heartsandkisses13 Rating
As a former chubby girl, during my younger years, I found this romance story to be very adorable, and deep. The lead characters went well together and were both very lovable(although the male lead could be a little bit of a jerk at times). I'm glad I rented this as an Unlimited read because I will surely read it again! :D
cadavericspasm Rating
I really enjoyed this book. It's cute and sweet and sexy. The sex scenes are consensual and enjoyable, with lots of foreplay. It's definitely one of the better smutty romance manga I've read. Their relationship is cute and more realistic than a lot of manga. I recommend it if you like your porn with a decent story and a good female character.
eboorenta0t9eupsh0 Rating
Not a fan. Making the girl jump into bed to pay him back and her not realizing his feelings after makes her look cheep and stupid. I know its usual for the main carter to be pretty dense or something and I can put up with it, however if it crosses a certain point like after she gets into bed with him she still dusn't know, it is not believable and just makes the main carter look bad and really stupid. She also appears cheep because she just says yes to pay him back with her body so easily it makes me feel she would do the same with anyone, her body is not some dollar bill to pay someone back with the moment thy do something for her. Even if shes nice she has to have common sense to put limits or expectations of how others should treat her or she doesn't seem real or likable, it devalues her and the couple in general, its a shame I really really like unusual couples where thy the usual Beauty is challenged (like girl/boy is fat, scary scarred ectra) and I was exited for this but as it stands I don't find the main character believable since she seems more of a means to an end, and don't really care the main couple get together. If she just wanted sex, the author worked up to it a bit more or maybe set it up a bit defiantly it could be fine and id have probably enjoyed it but as it stands it was a disappointing read and I would not recommend it.
Kawahara Rating
I think it was really cute. It's actually taught the girls to appreciate their own body. Be comfortable in their own skin. If someone is sincere, they will always love you the way you are. I hope there are more manga like this.
angell25 Rating
I found this story really cute.
MsMurder Rating
Loved loved loved. Ish he wasn't so mean some times but love this really cute manga.
obaachan24 Rating
Being a chubby woman myself, I can relate to her self esteem issues and thinking that she wasn't good enough for him because of her looks. Even though his execution of showing his feelings for her was a little rude, it was his weird way of telling her big or small I care about you regardless of what people think and how she perceived herself. I'm glad he didn't have a fetish for her or forced himself onto her and she was a willing participant during their trysts together. This was a cute and refreshing story and the mc was actually decently drawn and not grotesque looking because of her full figure. I wish they had more stories that involved the main characters being of various body types, just saying.
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