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PennyDreadful Rating
This story is cute and sweet. It's not smutty but the romance is charming. I hope there are more the the two current chapters...I'd like to see their relationship develop more.
Nevyik Rating
This story is cute. I always enjoy a good crossdresser. And the other main is too adorable.The only reason it didn't get 5 stars from me is because this story has been left at two chapters for too long. It's not marked as completed, so there must be more! Where's the rest??
LMonster2 Rating
Oh my god! This is so hot and adorable and funny. Since I don't like spoilers I never try to say anything specific during a rating but if you can fall in love and not care whether that person is a guy or a girl and still be okay with it that just shows how great a guy you are.
zeethereddinosaur Rating
That was adorable! I want more! I love how the dark haired guy, Shino (who I presume the uke) is really okay with his partner dressing as a girl and even as a guy. It really shows that he really likes Yuki (the crossdressing seme) not only because of his face but also his personality. True love right there. I want to read more about them.
wascallywabbit12 Rating
I really like it. The art is nice and the characters are cute ?
Cram Rating
Why is it only so short???
Daekin Rating
I really like this series so far! Only two chapters, so I don't want to give it 5 stars since I don't know how it will turn out, but I really like how it's going now. The characters are fun, the story is good, the art is nice, and I want to know more.
Lewvina Rating
This was well done. And really adorable. I can't wait for more.
yaoi415 Rating
This was so cute!!!
morteamoureuse Rating
Short and sweet. I wish there had been another volume, so I could see more of the characters's romance. There is no drawn out drama, but the story was cute enough to be satisfying.
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