User Reviews For: Sex Friends [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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TheBetterStory Rating
Hmm. I love me an uke with commitment issues, but I had more trouble getting into this than I thought. I'm not sure if it was the translation or the actual writing (I'm thinking a bit of both), but the plot was a bit hard to follow, to the point I wasn't actually sure how the characters felt about each other in the end.
malcosky Rating
The don't like the uke~I wish seme goes for the side characters instead~
MioAkiyama Rating
Definitely not your cliche love sex relationship, starting from the first panel all the way to the bonus pages you still harbor some kind of hope but only realize that some things are meant to be the way it is. Love can be shown in different ways and this is just one way how both the MCs decide to head in that direction.
wakadamoto Rating
I didn't like it, it felt like a waste of time and money... I didn't like his to uke said oh yeah just cause you love someone doesn't mean you can treat them badly but he does exactly that. The plot was jumbled together. The uke id just a bad person extremely unlikable. The same was bad too poorly made and would not just leave this awful person highly unlikable.
mishi Rating
It was sexy, sweet, and interesting. Exploring a non-cliched love/sex relationship.
mabbitybabbity Rating
I absolutely love this. Instant favorite. It's sweet and while the characters are complicated, they make it work. Pretty art. Hot sexy scenes. A lot of good feels.
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